• Australia
    14:05 03.05.2018

    Twitter Brewing Amid Reports of Carrot-Addicted Kangaroos Attacking Tourists (PHOTOS)

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    02:00 22.04.2018

    Chinese Tourists: Brick-Hurling Zoo Attendees Kill Kangaroo

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    21:38 10.03.2018

    Aging Kangaroo Suffering From Arthritis Gets Cryotherapy Treatment

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    17:20 18.02.2018

    Marsupial Revenge: Kangaroo Breaks Young Hunter's Jaw (PHOTO)

  • Australian Kangaroo Forgets to Pump His Brakes, Crashes Into Cyclist
    01:03 03.02.2018

    Australian Kangaroo Forgets to Pump His Brakes, Crashes Into Cyclist

  • A supplied video screenshot obtained January 16, 2018 of a policeman approaching a wallaby on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia
    14:50 16.01.2018

    Sydney Police Chase Kangaroo Who Wandered Into the City (VIDEO)

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    18:47 07.01.2018

    From Awe to Awww… The Animal Kingdom's Cutest Exotic Critters

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    09:00 20.12.2017

    Baby Roos: From Jellybean-Sized Newborns to Full-Grown Joeys

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    16:34 30.11.2017

    Roo-thless Destiny: Kangaroo Dies After Smashing Into Car in Australia (PHOTOS)

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    17:50 02.11.2017

    False God: Indian Worshippers Mistake Kangaroo Dustbin for a Deity (VIDEO)

  • Australia
    21:57 11.09.2017

    Marsupial Madness: Australians Urged to Eat Kangaroo Meat as Population Explodes

  • Kangaroo punches boy in the face
    16:00 18.08.2017

    Stick 'em Up Punk: Kangaroo Throws Left Jab into Boy's Face

  • Kickboxing Partners
    09:00 04.08.2017

    Kangaroo Kickboxing: Greatest Fighters of the Animal Kingdom in Slow-Mo

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    16:10 29.06.2017

    Upside-Down World: Runaway Kangaroo Baffles Norwegian Countryside

  • Bruce and Chester practicing their all important kick-boxing skills.
    12:37 22.06.2017

    Ultimate Champions' Training: Kangaroos Practice Boxing Skills

  • Kangaroo vs German Shepherd
    20:00 16.06.2017

    'This Week in UFC': Kangaroo vs German Shepherd

  • Hypothetical reconstruction of the largest extinct megapode, Progura gallinacea (right), with a modern Brush-turkey and a Grey Kangaroo.
    18:08 14.06.2017

    Where the Wild Things Were: Ancient Australia Was Stuffed With Giant Turkeys

  • Albino Kangaroo Gives Animal Lover Hug
    18:00 28.04.2017

    Come Here, You! Adorable Albino Kangaroo Hugs Animal Lover

  • Kangaroo surprises cyclist, jumping out and clipping his helmet
    21:00 31.01.2017

    Faster, Higher, Stronger: Kangaroo 'Flies' Above Cyclist's Head

  • It Wasn't Me
    13:00 15.12.2016

    You Thought Cats Were Bad With Toilet Paper