• A Su-30 interceptor at the second qualification round of the Aviadarts 2017 regional military aviation competition at the Tsentralnaya Uglovaya airfield in the Primorye Territory
    17:46 28.11.2017

    Russian Jet vs. US Spy Plane: 'Instead of Whining, US Should Stop Provoking Russia'

  • Su-30SM
    14:09 28.11.2017

    Russian Fighter Intercepts US Spy Plane in Black Sea

  • Two Belgian F-16 fighter jets. (File)
    20:55 06.09.2017

    NATO F-16 Fighters Intercept Russian Jets in Int'l Airspace Over Baltic Sea

  • A U.S. RC-135U flying in international airspace over the Baltic Sea was intercepted by a Russian SU-27 Flanker June 19, 2017
    17:33 04.09.2017

    NATO Jets Escort Russian Aircraft in Int'l Airspace 7 Times in Week - Lithuanian MoD

  • MiG-31 aircraft
    14:58 27.08.2017

    Orbital Warrior: What to Expect From Russia's Next Gen Interceptor MiG-41

  • Spanish Hornet
    20:13 02.08.2017

    Don't Do as I Do: NATO Continues to Ignore Its Military Blunders

  • MiG-31 aircraft
    21:36 01.08.2017

    Russian Planes Intercepted by NATO Jets During Training Mission - MoD

  • J-10 fighter jet
    17:21 24.07.2017

    Chinese Jets Intercept, Nearly Collide With US Spy Plane Over East China Sea

  • MiG-31 aircraft
    17:39 17.07.2017

    Stratospheric Combat: Russian MiG-31 Intercepts, Destroys Supersonic Missile (VIDEO)

  • Russian Vikings aerobatics team performing on board SU-27 planes at the opening ceremony of the Fifteenth International Maritime Defense Show in St.Petersburg.
    21:21 07.07.2017

    NATO's Increased Air Activity Helps Russian Aerospace Forces Keep in Good Shape

  • MiG-31 fighter interceptor jet
    21:39 30.06.2017

    Trying Patience: Growing Number of Foreign Spy Planes Test Russia's Borders

  • A U.S. RC-135U flying in international airspace over the Baltic Sea was intercepted by a Russian SU-27 Flanker June 19, 2017
    13:51 25.06.2017

    What's Behind 'Unprecedented' Number of NATO Reconnaissance Flights Intercepted Near Russian Border

  • MiG-31 aircraft
    04:30 23.06.2017

    Russian Jets Intercepted 14 Spy Planes Near National Border in Past Week

  • The Baltic Fleet Su-27 fighter squadron
    19:47 09.06.2017

    Russia Intercepts US Aircraft Over Baltic Sea Amid Massive NATO Drills - Pentagon

  • A statue of Wu Daguan who is known as the 'Father of China's military and civilian aviation industry' beside a Chinese produced J-10 fighter jet in Beijing
    22:50 28.05.2017

    Lawful and Safe: China Denies Intercepting US Jet, Says its Aircraft Were Only Verifying

  • Norwegian Lockheed P-3 Orion
    04:05 28.05.2017

    Security Expert Worried About Air Safety After US, Chinese Intercept Near Civilian Jet Traffic

  • Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft. (File)
    20:17 26.05.2017

    Chinese Fighter Jets Intercept US Navy Aircraft Over S China Sea - Reports

  • A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptor is launched during a successful intercept test, in this undated handout photo provided by the U.S. Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency
    05:58 11.05.2017

    US THAAD Systems Incapable of Intercepting China’s ICBMs, Ex-US Official Says

  • U.S. Air Force F-15 Eagle tactical fighter jet
    05:26 22.02.2017

    Air Force Jets in One Weekend Scramble Five Times Over Trump Florida Mansion

  • Fan jumps from the stands to meet Leo Messi, gets speared by security
    12:43 07.08.2016

    Fan Leaps Towards Messi, Gets Tackled by Security