• Hermaphrodite Beetle Discovered
    19:00 17.06.2018

    Rare Hermaphrodite Beetle Born in Japan

  • Two burgers made of buffalo worms (Alphitobius Diaperinus) by a German food start-up Bug Foundation are placed during its premiere in a supermarket in Aachen, Germany, April 20, 2018
    12:26 22.04.2018

    Bug-Burgers Get On Supermarket Shelves in Germany

  • Grasshopper finds safest place to hide from hungry lizard
    09:00 25.02.2018

    Grasshopper Finds Safest Place to Hide From Lizard

  • In an Oct. 7, 2015, photo, a bucket of crickets are seen in the Detroit Zoo's cricket breeding area in Royal Oak, Mich.
    03:24 27.11.2017

    Insect Bread: Loaves Made With Tasty Bugs Go on Sale in Finland

  • Flour ground from dried crickets and crickets in jars, for the first mass-delivered bread made of insects, are seen at the Finnish food company Fazer bakery in Helsinki, Finland November 23, 2017
    16:39 24.11.2017

    Crikey! Finland Bakes Bug Bread With Seventy Crickets a Loaf

  • Alkali flies, Ephydra hians
    16:46 23.11.2017

    Pretty Fly for a Dry Guy: Bearded 'Hipster' Insect Learns Scuba Diving

  • Grasshopper Invasion
    19:00 04.11.2017

    Locusts Invade Village in Argentina

  • Wasp cuts bee in half
    20:02 31.10.2017

    Life or Death Struggle: Epic Battle Between Wasp and Bee

  • Aliens
    21:16 25.10.2017

    Video of 'Alien' Insect Will Leave You Sleepless for Days

  • Eating bugs
    12:38 21.09.2017

    Finland 'Picks Up a Bug', Accepts Insects as Food Products

  • 生きたマダニ逃げ出す 注意喚起会見中のお粗末(17/09/06)
    13:08 10.09.2017

    Deadly Mite Escapes From Japanese Scientists at a Conference

  • Viral Video UK: Put up your dukes!
    20:00 05.09.2017

    Praying Mantises Boxing

  • Beekeeper Drops Trousers To Sit On Bee Swarm
    16:38 04.09.2017

    Stinging Money! Man Sits on Hive With His Bare Backside to Win 1,000 Dollar Bet

  • The Longest Bug In The World
    13:15 17.08.2017

    Bugged Out: Insect the Size of a Human Arm

  • Essento products
    18:17 15.08.2017

    Mouthwatering Balls: Swiss Supermarket First to Offer Insect-Based Food

  • Fruit flies
    15:27 14.07.2017

    US Scientists Examine the Strange Behavior of Fruit Flies Using AI

  • Black-veined white butterflies
    18:02 21.06.2017

    Butterfly Invasion in Siberia (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

  • The most savage ant sacrifice of all time... 😱🐜
    09:00 16.06.2017

    The Most Savage Ant Sacrifice of All Time

  • Mealworms
    16:03 09.06.2017

    Danish Hotels 'Bugging' Clientele With Sustainable Insect Breakfasts

  • Dragonfly
    19:36 02.06.2017

    I Spy With My DragonflEye: Scientists 'Hack' Insect to Create Cyborg Drone