• Dog
    08:30 11.01.2019

    Tongue in Glass: Golden Retriever Struggles to Reach Much Desired Ice Cube

  • Hungarian Firefighters Save Canine Stranded on Frozen Lake
    02:00 10.01.2019

    Hungarian Firefighters Save Canine Stranded on Frozen Lake

  • Finnish Snow Hotel, dedicated to the Game of Thrones series
    20:15 22.12.2018Photo10

    Winter is Here: Best Ice Hotels Across the World That May Melt Your Heart

  • Melting Ice Reveals MASSIVE Web
    11:55 07.12.2018

    Google Images Spur Conspiracy Theories of Arcane Alien Base in Antarctic (VIDEO)

  • Family Despair: Parents and Daughter Take a Tumble on Black Ice
    01:30 28.11.2018

    Family Despair: Parents and Daughter Take a Tumble on Black Ice

  • Canine Conspiracy? Pooch Perplexed by Frozen Water
    23:14 27.11.2018

    Canine Conspiracy? Pooch Perplexed by Frozen Water

  • Sofia Evdokimova and Egor Bazin during their exhibition gala at the Rostelecom Cup in Moscow
    10:22 20.11.2018

    WATCH Another Russian Figure Skater Melt Ice With Striptease

  • Views of glaciers, icebergs and details of the Greenland ice cap
    06:27 15.11.2018

    Scientists Discover Giant Impact Crater Under Greenland Ice

  • Elizaveta Tuktamysheva at Russian Championship in St. Peterburg
    16:46 13.11.2018

    'Leftists Are Pus Abscess:' Russian Ice Skater Crushed Over 'Kick Trump’s Ass' Remarks

  • Mars
    23:29 04.10.2018

    Russian-Made Neutron Detector Finds Water Ice in Mars’ Subequatorial Areas

  • Zoological Wildlife Foundation
    08:30 02.10.2018

    Another One Bites the Ice: Monkey Loves Popsicle Way Too Much

  • Спасатели надеются за 12 часов вывести из плена плавбазу Содружество
    03:51 17.09.2018

    Russia Develops Special Radar for Arctic Exploration Drones

  • Sea ice melts on the Franklin Strait along the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Saturday, July 22, 2017. Because of climate change, more sea ice is being lost each summer than is being replenished in winters. Less sea ice coverage also means that less sunlight will be reflected off the surface of the ocean in a process known as the albedo effect. The oceans will absorb more heat, further fueling global warming.
    04:44 15.09.2018

    NASA to Measure Earth's Changing Ice Levels

  • The waxing Moon over Moscow
    01:40 23.08.2018

    Scientists Confirm Moon Has Water – Well, Ice at Least

  • The crack in Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier
    07:44 14.06.2018

    Antarctica Loses Trillions of Tons of Ice Since 1992, International Report Reveals

  • The planet Pluto is pictured in a handout image made up of four images from New Horizons' Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) taken in July 2015 combined with color data from the Ralph instrument to create this enhanced color global view
    08:36 04.06.2018

    Scientist Shares Secrets of Pluto's Frozen Dunes

  • A mountain range near Russia's Novolazarevskaya station in the Antarctic.
    08:08 03.06.2018

    Scientist: South Pole 'Least Understood Sector of the Whole Antarctic Continent'

  • Antarctica
    14:50 25.05.2018

    Bad News for Humanity: Hidden Antarctica Canyons Feared to Speed Ice Sheet Decline

  • 2 feet of hail
    17:00 21.05.2018

    Massive Hail in Colorado Creates Panorama of a Pure Ice Cover

  • An iceberg floats in Andvord Bay, Antarctica, February 14, 2018
    19:12 06.05.2018

    WATCH Google Earth Used to Find "Atlantis" Below Antarctic Ice