• A veiled woman wearing hijab (File)
    22:43 21.07.2018

    Children Wearing Hijabs at US Pool Asked to Leave, Investigation Launched

  • Shaparak Shajarizadeh, 42, says she was sentenced to two years in prison for removing her hijab in protest in Iran.
    22:31 10.07.2018

    Iranian Woman Says She Was Given Two Years in Jail for Anti-Hijab Protest (VIDEO)

  • Maedeh Hojabri dancing
    23:53 09.07.2018

    WATCH: Iranian Women Share Dancing Videos to Support Jailed Instagram Star

  • Dancing woman
    13:18 08.07.2018

    Iranian Girl's Detention Over Instagram Dance Clips Prompts Twitterstorm

  • A veiled young woman
    13:40 25.06.2018

    Swedish Consulate Apologizes for 'Sexualizing' Picture of Girl in Hijab

  • Kebab shop
    12:40 25.06.2018

    Muslim TV Cook Making Kebab During Midsummer Festivity Stirs Outrage in Sweden

  • Syrian and Lebanese girls huddle round in a group discussion about early marriage at a community centre in southern Lebanon.
    18:40 24.06.2018

    'Parallel Societies': German Teacher Slams School Ordering Burkinis For Girls

  • An Iranian national football team's fan ahead of a stage World Cup match between Morocco and Iran at St.Petersburg stadium.
    13:02 24.06.2018

    'Breaking Bad': Twitter in Love With Iranian Football Fangirl With Naked Belly (PHOTO)

  • Hijab girl (photo used for illustration purpose)
    10:34 06.06.2018

    'Hijab Enforcement' in Preschools in 'Vulnerable Areas' Sparks Outrage in Sweden

  • Syrian and Lebanese girls huddle round in a group discussion about early marriage at a community centre in southern Lebanon.
    20:22 12.04.2018

    Germany’s State Stands for Headscarf Ban for Children Amid Nationwide Debates

  • Halima Aden, a hijab wearing model from the United States
    16:43 01.04.2018

    British Vogue Features Hijab-Wearing Model on Cover for First Time (PHOTOS)

  • The make-up artist showed the animated heroines in the hijab
    18:07 24.03.2018

    Woman Uses Makeup & Hijab to Turn Herself Into Disney Princess (PHOTOS)

  • A veiled young woman
    01:39 06.03.2018

    New York City to Pay $180K to Three Women Forced to Remove Headscarves for Mugshots

  • People walk during King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in Rimah Governorate, north-east of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia January 19, 2018.
    00:18 12.02.2018

    Top Saudi Cleric: Women in the Kingdom Should Not be Forced to Wear the Abaya

  • A girl in a burqa. (File)
    15:09 09.02.2018

    Confusion as Swedish Right-Wing Leader 'Backs Away' From Burqa Ban

  • A veiled Iranian woman wearing hijab
    01:10 05.02.2018

    Hijab Protests in Iran Continue as More Women Risk Arrest

  • Today in the streets of Tehran and other large Iranian cities (Isfaghan, Shiraz, Tebriz) often women are seen wearing two types of hijabs: Chador (left) and Manto (loose colorful body cover) with Rosari (light headscarf with colorful flowers). First option is more conservative, second is modern and popular with the younger generation.
    01:40 03.02.2018

    Dozens of Iranian Women Arrested for Taking Off Headscarves in Public

  • Amena Khan
    17:14 23.01.2018

    Twitter Ablaze Over Muslim Model's Apology for Dubbing Israel 'Child Murderers'

  • Young girls eat their lunch beside a pond at the V&A Museum in London on April 2, 2014
    19:56 14.01.2018

    UK Top School Bans Girls Under Eight From Fasting, Wearing Hijabs in Class

  • Hijab
    16:45 27.12.2017

    'Bad Hijab' No More? Iranian Police Take Softer Approach Toward Breach of Islamic Rules