• Rudy Ayala (2nd L) Law Enforcement Professional embeded with the Marine corps questions opium poppy farmers at Maranjan village in Helmand province on April 25, 2011 as US Marines from Border Adviser Team (BAT) and Explosive Ordance Disposal 1st and 2nd Marine Division (Forward) and Afghanistan National Police take patrol in the area
    18:41 25.08.2017

    Afghanistan and the CIA Heroin Ratline

  • Posters comparing lethal amounts of heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanil, are on display during a news conference about the dangers of fentanyl, at DEA Headquarters in Arlington, Tuesday, June 6, 2017.
    17:23 02.08.2017

    UK Could Be Facing Epidemic From Deadly Drug Fentanyl Which Has Devastated US

  • In this Sunday, July 30, 2017 photo, Indian coast guard officials, in blue, stand next to a massive amount of heroin they claim to have seized from a ship off the country's western coast near Porbandar, India
    16:43 31.07.2017

    India Seizes 'Largest Single Haul of Narcotics' to Date on Boat Off West Coast

  • Connecting the Pieces
    20:00 21.04.2017

    Where Does Heroin in the US Come From?

  • Heroin Drugs
    00:12 15.03.2017

    What a Dope! US Ship Seizes Nearly 600 Pounds of Heroin in Arabian Sea

  • Mexican tar heroin seized in different raid operations at the Ventura County Sheriff's Department Jail Annex Building, in Ventura, Calif. (File)
    21:23 13.03.2017

    Most Heroin Entering US ‘Coming From Mexico’ - New York Police Commissioner

  • Empty drug capsules manufactured by Capsugel are displayed Tuesday, March 21, 2006 in New York. The Greenwood, S.C. based company, a division of Pfizer, supplies leading pharmaceutical companies and dietary supplement manufacturers with its gelatin capsules.
    00:59 31.01.2017

    Canadian Researchers Find Treatment Drug for Opioid Withdrawal

  • Heroin on the ground.
    20:01 29.01.2017

    Afghan Special Police Eliminate Six Heroin Factories, Kill Six Militants

  • A children's toy
    19:05 19.01.2017

    Child Drug Runners Exploited by London Gangs to Deal in Rural Areas

  • Heroin
    23:49 13.12.2016

    US Deaths from Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Disorders Nearly Tripled Since 1980

  • Heroin on the ground.
    03:49 06.12.2016

    Nine Die of Heroin Overdose Over Weekend in Philadelphia

  • Prevalence, Use of Illegal Drugs in US Rising at ‘Alarming Rate’ - Border Agency

  • Trapped in the trade : newer, higher yielding opium poppies - with bigger bulbs that mature faster and produce more resin using less water - just strengthen the financial incentives for Afghan farmers to grow opium, which can earn them 12 times as much as conventional crops.
    17:27 24.10.2016

    Afghani Deputy Anti-Drug Chief to Sputnik: Security Threats to Blame for 43% Spike in Opium Production

  • A lineup of US air force KC-135 tanker planes seen at the Manas air base in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. File photo
    01:07 16.09.2016

    Ex-Kyrgyz President: US Base in Kyrgyzstan Possibly Used For Heroin Trafficking

  • Old man
    19:14 12.09.2016

    Purer Heroin and Ageing Addicts Lead to Increase in UK Drug Deaths

  • An Afghan policeman (L) stands guard as a detained suspect and bags containing heroin are presented to the media at a police station in Jalalabad on November 17, 2012.
    17:12 06.09.2016

    The Global Heroin Epidemic: 90% of World's Supply Still Comes From Afghanistan

  • Heroin Epidemic
    06:36 27.08.2016

    Elephant Sedative Mixed With Heroin Causes Overdose Crisis in Ohio

  • Heroin Epidemic
    21:03 15.08.2016

    Heroin, Opioid Antidote Naloxone Become Available in US Without Prescription

  • Morphine painkiller with a credit card in the background.
    19:29 29.07.2016

    Americans View Prescription Pain Killers as Bigger Threat Than Cocaine

  • Poppy field
    18:26 17.05.2016

    'Tough Love Kills': Legal Heroin Possible in Canada, But Why Not the UK?