• SOUTH CHINA SEA (Sept. 16, 2015) Gunner’s Mate Seaman Brenda Algado from Dallas, Texas observes a live-fire exercise with a close-in weapon system (CWIS) aboard the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen (DDG 82)
    21:11 08.12.2015

    Crisis of Confidence: Washington Losing Ground in South China Sea Region

  • Protest against TTIP and CETA
    19:39 21.09.2015

    US Seeks to Disband Europe to Prevent Close Ties With BRICS, Tries to Split EU

  • Ticonderoga class guided-missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay (CG 53)
    12:24 21.09.2015

    Pax Americana: True Military Might or Glitch in the Matrix?

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
    12:43 24.08.2015

    Lavrov: Era of Western Dominance in Economy, Politics Ending

  • Vladimir Putin pays official visit to People's Republic of China
    19:25 06.07.2015

    Sino-Russian Alliance Acquires New Meaning in Face of New Global Conflict

  • Tanks in Beijing
    16:38 03.07.2015

    Dragon Rising: Is China Capable of Challenging US Global Dominance?