• Views of glaciers, icebergs and details of the Greenland ice cap
    03:24 04.04.2017

    Point of No Return: Greenland’s Glaciers Doomed to Melt by 2100

  • 5,000-year-old body of a hunter discovered in 1991 by German hikers on the Similaun glacier at a 3,000 meters altitude (10,000 feet), on the Italian side of the Alps
    21:49 27.03.2017

    Cold Corpse Reveals Clues to Copper Age Killing

  • This undated hand out picture shows a view of Lake Imja Tsho in a valley situated south of Everest in Nepal. Himalayan glaciers are retreating fast and could disappear within the next 50 years, experts warned, 04 June 2007, at a conference in Nepal's capital looking at the regional effects of global warming
    13:59 01.11.2016

    Nepal Averts Catastrophe by Draining Mount Everest Glacier

  • Vernadsky Station in Antarctica
    19:10 18.10.2016

    Antarctic Ice Hides 'Alien' Life on Bottom of Subglacial Lake

  • A penguin dives from an ice block
    13:32 22.08.2016

    Out of Nowhere: 8,000 Blue Lakes Appear in Antarctica, Get Scientists Worried

  • Reconstruction of Ötzi the Iceman
    19:27 20.08.2016

    Mummified Iceman Reveals Tyrolean Fashion from 5,300 Years Ago

  • General view of Passu glacier is seen in Pakistan's Gojal Valley
    17:37 15.06.2016

    Hell or High Water: 5,000 Melting Glaciers Pose Threat to Pakistan

  • Iceberg Covered with Volcanic Ash Breaking Off from Svinafellsjokull Glacier in Iceland - AMAZING!
    21:31 13.11.2015

    Proof of Climate Change? Tourists Film Terrifying Disintegration of Glacier

  • Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
    11:48 29.04.2015

    Scientists Discover Water Under Mysterious Antarctica Glacier