• bikini-wearing women on the beach
    22:31 06.08.2017

    Riyadh to Build High-End Red Sea Resort Where Saudi Women Will Be Allowed to Wear Normal Swimwear

  • Shanghai Mall offers Husband Storage for busy shopping wives
    01:16 20.07.2017

    Shanghai Mall Provides 'Husband Storage' Facilities for Shopping Wives

  • Gender segregation
    12:10 11.04.2017

    Sweden's Growing Gender Segregation: Migrants Muddy a Once-Even Playing Field

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Level Talk with John Harrison
    14:43 23.03.2017

    Gender Title Laws: Good or Bad?

  • Muslim and Christian students (File)
    14:25 06.02.2017

    Feminists Fume as Sweden Moves to Ban Gender Segregation in Schools

  • Youth from various European countries carry EU flags
    14:20 05.07.2016

    New OSCE Parliament President Hopes to Fight Female Discrimination, Review Youth Policy

  • Modern slavery
    15:45 01.06.2016

    Daesh Selling Sex Slaves on Facebook - Part of Global Misogyny Trend

  • Office work
    00:31 22.05.2016

    Talk About Inequality: US Women in Elite Jobs Earn Far Less Than Men

  • A man holding Germany's flag in Mainz, Germany
    15:27 19.04.2016

    Federal Agency: Nearly Third of Germans Faced Discrimination in Last 2 Years

  • International Women's Day
    21:52 08.03.2016

    Happy International Women’s Day: Russia Tops Rankings for Women in Business

  • China wedding
    15:13 24.10.2015

    Losernomics: Poor Men Should Share a Wife, Says Chinese Professor

  • Gender Neutral Toilet sign, Imperial College Union, South Kensington, London, UK
    00:16 08.09.2015

    Tennessee School Removes Gender-Neutral Pronouns From Site

  • A report published by Equality Now offers a streamlined global picture of some of the ways in which women are discriminated against worldwide, along with information on what can be done about it.
    17:58 16.02.2015

    NGO Report Tracks Global Challenges, Progress in Women's Rights

  • A new study shows a shocking disparity in the treatment of black girls and white girls in the US school system.
    20:02 10.02.2015

    Black & White: Researchers Find Racial Bias in School Suspensions

  • Scottish government proposes office to combat LGBTI discrimination
    05:16 10.02.2015

    Head of Scottish Government Proposes Office to Combat LGBTI Discrimination