• December 17, 2015. Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 11th annual news conference at the World Trade Center on Krasnaya Presnya
    15:26 17.12.2015

    Putin Says Unsure if Gas Transit to Europe via Ukraine Should Be Stopped

    Putin's 2015 Annual Year-End Press Conference
  • Ukraine is not only facing a gas crisis this coming winter, but also a possible overall energy crisis due to disruptions in coal mining and transportation facilities
    15:30 03.11.2015

    Hungary Exploring Ways to Get Russian Gas if Transit Via Ukraine Stops

  • South Stream pipeline
    13:12 24.08.2015

    Putin Gives South Stream a New Lease on Life - German Media

  • Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
    00:01 25.07.2015

    Medvedev: No Renewal of Gas Transit Contract With Ukraine on Its Terms

  • Ввод в эксплуатацию магистрального газопровода Касимовское ПХГ — КС Воскресенск в Московской области
    19:37 21.04.2015

    Reports Greece Could Host Gas Pipeline Amid Gazprom Talks in Athens

    South Stream gas pipeline
  • Russia's Sudzha gas pumping station
    11:57 14.04.2015

    EU Plans Trilateral Meeting on Gas Deliveries to Ukraine April 16

  • Yuzovka shale gas area outside Yaremivka, Kharkiv Region
    11:57 04.04.2015

    Sides at Trilateral Talks to Discuss Reliability of Gas Transit via Ukraine

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Ukraine may start importing up to 40 million cubic meters of gas daily from the European Union starting from Saturday, instead of the current 31.5 million cubic meters
    12:53 06.03.2015

    Russia Must Provide Gas Transits to Europe via Ukraine - Kremlin

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Gas pipes
    21:12 26.02.2015

    Russia-Ukraine-EU Trilateral Gas Talks on March 2 Confirmed

  • Ukrainian worker operates a valve at a gas storage point in Bil 'che-Volicko-Ugerske underground gas storage facilities in Strij, outside Lviv, Ukraine
    11:12 24.02.2015

    No Deal: Gazprom Refuses to Supply Gas Until Ukraine Actually Pays For It