• Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
    02:49 08.12.2015

    Is Turkey at War With Free Speech? 100 Arrested for 'Insulting' Erdogan

  • Whistle
    15:35 17.09.2015

    EU Accused of Silencing Whistleblowers and Journalists

  • World cities. Tallinn
    19:03 23.07.2015

    Italian ex-MEP to Press Charges Against Estonia for Defamation

  • Norway’s The Socialist Left Party members have proposed the creation of so-called free ports on the country’s Internet.
    22:15 23.06.2015

    Norway to Create Internet 'Safe Ports' for Global Whistleblowers

  • A human rights group denounced a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.
    20:32 17.06.2015

    European Court's Hate Comment Liability Rule Hampers Free Speech

  • Online forum Reddit, in an effort to balance the desire for free and open discussion with the desire to prevent online harassment, has banned certain groups that were racist, homophobic or otherwise hateful. The move has sparked yet another debate about free speech and hate speech.
    00:34 12.06.2015

    Reddit Nailed With Censorship Accusations After Banning Online Forums

  • Google
    21:01 04.06.2015

    Privacy Expert Calls for Power Shift From Google to People

  • A statue depicting whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning was unveiled in Berlin on Friday, as a celebration of freedom of expression and the courage to expose truths.
    03:40 02.05.2015

    Statue Honoring Whistleblowers Snowden, Assange, Manning Unveiled in Berlin

  • One of Charlie Hebdo’s chief cartoonists, “Luz,” has decided to stop drawing the Prophet Mohammed.
    02:24 30.04.2015

    Top Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Done Drawing Mohammed

  • Detained American Muslims
    05:55 21.04.2015

    US Senators Urge Obama to Demand Iran to Release Washington Post Journalist

  • Flowers and candles laid at the Ukraine Embassy in Moscow in memory of journalist Oles Buzina killed in Kiev
    06:09 18.04.2015

    Ukraine Must Better Protect Journalists After Recent Murders

  • A handcuffed man
    16:13 07.04.2015

    The Right To Remain Silent - European Court Overrules UK Case

  • Connecting the Pieces
    15:00 03.04.2015

    Is the United States Government Building the Ministry of Truth?

  • University of Southampton
    17:23 01.04.2015

    Israeli Rights, Free Speech Supporters Square Off Over Uni Conference Row

  • Premiere of the opera Tannhauser in Novosibirsk
    19:47 30.03.2015

    Foul Play: Russian Theater Director Leaves Post Over Offensive Opera

  • Journalist and boy take cover from stones thrown by rooftop militia
    01:52 27.03.2015

    OSCE Chairman Urges to Increase Journalists’ Safety in Europe

  • Looking Forward
    12:50 23.03.2015

    Freedom of Speech Today and Yesterday

  • Does freedom of speech still exist?
    21:55 17.03.2015

    Je Suis Zeon: French Freedom of Speech is a Myth, Says Cartoonist

  • Chinese paramilitary police officer guards the entrance to the Qincheng prison in Beijing, China
    00:12 10.03.2015

    China Must Release Detained Women Day Activists - Amnesty International

  • French Muslim youths hold a Islamic flag (top) and a banner reading Do not touch my prophet, anything but the Messenger of Allah as they gather in central Paris January 18, 2015
    03:42 20.02.2015

    Non-State Operators Threaten Freedom of Expression Globally– Advocacy Group