• Amber
    19:09 29.06.2016

    Rare Dinosaur-Era Birds' Wings Found Preserved in Amber

  • A fire engine is seen parked after a fire broke out in the building of India's National Museum of Natural History in New Delhi, India, April 26, 2016.
    12:53 26.04.2016

    History Museum Ravaged by Fire: India Loses 160 Mln Year Old Dinosaur Fossil

  • Irtysh River
    04:37 30.03.2016

    Have You Ever Seen a Unicorn? Our Ancestors Most Likely Did

  • Life reconstruction of the new tyrannosaur “Timurlengia euotica” in its environment 90 million years ago.
    18:28 15.03.2016

    Tyrant Dinosaurs 'Got Smart Before They Got Big' - Scientist Tells Sputnik

  • Pareiasaurs
    15:05 20.02.2016

    One Ugly Reptile: Bizarre Creatures That Dominated Prehistoric Earth

  • Drilling rig
    20:35 05.02.2016

    US Senators Pass Amendment Seeking to Block Fossil Fuel Drilling

  • A reconstruction of the new short-armed and winged feathered dinosaur Zhenyuanlong suni from the Early Cretaceous (ca. 125 million years ago) of China is seen in this illustration image.
    03:47 17.07.2015

    'Feathered Poodle From Hell': Scientists Unearth Huge Winged Dinosaur in China

  • New dinosaur gets official name in honor of female paleontologist
    11:40 09.07.2015

    Relative of Triceratops Named After Dinosaur Hunter Who Discovered It

  • Sergio Bertazzo, a biomedical physical scientist at Imperial College in London, examines a fossil at Natural History Museum in London in this undated handout photo provided by Laurent Mekul, June 9, 2015
    10:48 10.06.2015

    Red in Tooth and Claw: Scientists Reveal Dinosaurs Had Blood Like Ours

  • Peking Man at Zhoukoudian.  Fangshan, Beijing, China
    17:55 09.05.2015

    New Swedish Research Challenges Human Ancestor's Sexual Identity

  • An artist's depiction of the Yi qi dinosaur is seen in this undated handout illustration provided by Dinostar Co. Ltd on April 29, 2015
    14:26 30.04.2015

    Strange Bat-Winged Dinosaur Fossil Discovered in China