• Luskhan itilensis, a new pliosaur from Russia!
    21:21 27.05.2017

    First of a Kind: Gigantic Prehistoric Reptile’s Remains Unearthed in Russia

  • An ancient human fossil
    02:43 24.05.2017

    Missing Link? Balkan Pre-Human Remains Identified as Older Than Stated

  • A close-up of the eye of the Ankylosaurus dinosaur is shown Wednesday, June 20, 2007 in Tacoma, Wash.
    18:36 10.05.2017

    'I Ain't Afraid of No Ankylosaurus': Dino Named After Ghostbusters Villain

  • The skull, left, of a 54,000-year-old species, known as Homo floresiensis, is displayed next to a normal human's skull, right, at a news conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia Friday, Nov. 5, 2004. H floresiensis was nicknamed the hobbits due to their diminutive size.
    02:46 22.04.2017

    We're Not Close: Indonesia's Human-Like ‘Hobbit’ Skeletons Aren't Our Ancestors

  • This artist's rendering provided by Mark Witton in April 2017 shows a Teleocrater rhadinus, center, a four-legged, meat-eating reptile and a close relative of dinosaurs, eating a relative of mammals, Cynognathus.
    02:53 14.04.2017

    The First Dinosaurs Looked Like Crocodiles, New Research Suggests

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
    03:38 01.04.2017

    So Sensitive: T. Rex Had a Tactile Snout, Rubbed Them Together During Foreplay

  • Dinosaur
    03:40 28.03.2017

    Thousands of Dinosaur Footprints Discovered at Western Australian Site

  • Neanderthal man
    02:56 07.03.2017

    The Missing Link: Skulls Between Human and Neanderthal Found in China

  • 500 million year old lobopodian
    16:01 02.02.2017

    Half-a-Billion-Year-Old Legged Worm Gave Standing Ovations for Food (VIDEO)

  • An artistic reconstruction, showing the last-ditch struggle of Tongtianlong limosus as it was mired in mud, one possible, but highly speculative, interpretation for how the specimen was killed and buried.
    19:41 15.11.2016

    'Beautiful, But Sad' New 'Mud Dragon' Dinosaur Discovered in South China

  • An artist's impression of a newly discovered dinosaur, Murusraptor barrosaensis.
    02:09 30.10.2016

    First Ever Fossilized Dinosaur Brain Discovered in England