• Fault Lines
    07:54 07.02.2019

    Political Turmoil in Virginia as the Scandals Mount

  • Protesters take part in the Women's March calling for equality, justice and an end to austerity in London, Britain January 19, 2019
    14:31 23.01.2019

    Twitter Toxic as UK Women’s March Reduces Thatcher and Other Female MPs to 'Menstruators'

  • Jordan Peterson
    12:17 18.01.2019

    Glass Ceiling Paradox: Finnish Study Validates Jordan Peterson's Take on Nordic Feminism

  • A woman wears a message on her chest that reads in Spanish: The revolution is feminist during a demonstration celebrating International Women's Day, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Thursday, March 8, 2018
    21:53 24.12.2018

    Argentina Radio Host Gets Special Probation for Blasting 'Feminazis' On Air

  • Statement Festival
    10:36 18.12.2018

    Sweden's 'Man-Free' Feminist Festival Ruled Discriminatory

  • Sex robot brothel expected to open in West Hollywood, California, in 2019.
    20:34 28.11.2018

    US to See First Sex Doll Brothel That Will 'Brainwash' Men to Get Consent

  • #Metoo
    16:40 26.11.2018

    #MeToo 'Forever' Enters Curriculum at Swedish School

  • Emily Ratajkowski
    21:54 15.11.2018

    Emily Ratajkowski Explains Why She Posts Half-Naked Photos of Herself

  • Dr.Jordan Peterson delivering a lecture at the University of Toronto in 2017
    11:27 13.11.2018

    Conservative Guru Jordan Peterson Hits Back at Sweden's Feminist Foreign Minister

  • Jordan Peterson
    22:09 09.11.2018

    'Humanities Hijacked by Ideologues': Jordan Peterson Excoriates Western Academia

  • Jordan Peterson
    14:10 09.11.2018

    Swedish Feminist Foreign Minister Flayed for Vilifying Canadian Prof Jordan Peterson

  • Swedish girls
    13:07 01.11.2018

    Left-Wing Slant, #MeToo Scare Swedish Men Away From Feminism

  • Mickey Mouse
    19:31 26.10.2018

    Then They Came for Disney: Feminists Set Their Sights on Classic Animated Films

  • Sylvi Listhaug
    12:37 24.10.2018

    'Had Enough': Former Norwegian Cabinet Minister Bashes #MeToo for Missing Real Problem

  • Salong Vagina!
    11:36 17.10.2018

    'Utter Madness': Swedes Cringe as Feminist Theater Teaches Schoolkids About Female Genitalia

  • Shooting from the Lip cover
    18:16 28.09.2018

    They are Not Women, they are Trans Women

  • Swedish soldiers
    10:35 28.09.2018

    Swedish Military Resists Feminists' Push for 'Equal' Spelling Alphabet With Female, Muslim Names

  • Protesters with Women's March and others hold up signs that read We Won't Go Back as they gather in front of the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, Sept. 24, 2018.
    20:55 25.09.2018

    US Liberal PAC Takes Swipe Solely at MeToo-Accused Republicans - Reports

  • Woman on the beach
    11:24 06.08.2018

    'Get a Life': French Feminists Mocked After Claiming Postcard Nudity 'Promotes Culture of Rape'

  • Bikini
    16:22 23.07.2018

    Arrested Turkish TV Preacher Tells Police 'Bikini is Enough for Islamic Veiling'