• Dude accidentally skis right off a cliff and captures the whole thing on his helmet cam
    21:00 26.01.2017

    Man Accidentally Skis Right off 150-Foot Cliff, Captures Epic Fall on GoPro

  • London, UK
    17:56 16.12.2016

    London Now Cheaper Than Paris, Berlin and Brussels Due to Brexit - Report

  • Russia Looses Contact with Progress MS-04 after Launch
    23:41 01.12.2016

    No Reports of Damage, Casualties on Ground After Progress Fragments Fall

  • Fading Colors of November in Crimea
    16:08 22.11.2016Photo15

    Fading Colors of November in Crimea

  • Exercise Ball (FULL OF WATER) 45m Drop Test at 1000fps!!
    20:00 14.11.2016

    Giant Fitness Ball Filled With Water Explodes Into A Million Drops

  • Eric Dossantos Chamonix Wingsuit Tree Line (crash)
    09:44 01.11.2016

    Ouch! Breath-Taking Wingsuit Jump Ends Badly

  • Frog Cat Falls
    20:01 24.10.2016

    Cute Feline's 'Drive' in Reverse Leads to Cat-astrophe

  • Charlie fall through door
    20:00 15.10.2016

    Kid Falls Straight Through a Closed Door

  • Fall in Crimea
    17:21 11.10.2016Photo12

    Stunning Autumn in Crimea

  • Artist impression of the Rosetta orbiter at comet 67P/Churyumova-Gerasimenko. The image is not to scale.
    19:22 27.09.2016

    'It's the Final Countdown!' Spacecraft Rosetta Gears Up for Historic Comet Crash

  • How to fail backflip
    01:01 25.08.2016

    No Gold Medal for This Backflip

  • Bowling Balls Vs. Axe Blade from 45m (150ft) Tower!
    19:03 14.08.2016

    The Power of Gravity: Bowling Ball Falls From 150ft Tower on an Axe Blade

  • A Russian ruble coin is pictured in front of St. Basil cathedral in central Moscow
    17:41 13.07.2016

    Russia to See Export Growth Due to Exchange Rate Depreciation in 3-5 Years

  • Lumberjack Runs Away as Tree Splits during Cut
    02:53 12.07.2016

    Run For Your Life!

  • Checking the earth's pulse from under the ground
    15:54 03.07.2016

    Scientists Determine How Long ‘Journey to the Center of Earth’ Would Take

  • A Croatian fan holds up a flag during the 24th Men's Handball World Championships preliminary round Group B match between Macedonia and Croatia at the Duhail Handball Sports Hall in Doha on January 21, 2015
    20:03 17.06.2016

    Croatians Flash Breasts Online to Celebrate Fall of Government

  • Porvoo, Finland
    10:20 04.06.2016

    Russian-Finnish Trade Hit by Sanctions, Oil Prices Slump

  • T-80 Tank Turns Over Near Moscow
    16:35 03.06.2016

    Meanwhile in Russia: T-80 Tank Flips Over Near Moscow

  • Rider almost falls off cliff
    17:04 02.06.2016

    Oh So Close! Biker Avoids Falling off Cliff by Inches

  • Car teeters on the edge of giant sinkhole, London
    16:43 12.05.2016

    Om-nom-nom! Huge Sinkhole Swallows Car in London