• Nyhavn, Copenhagen
    12:41 13.09.2016

    Copenhagen Gives Go-Ahead to God-Free Faith-Neutral Church

  • Church bells
    18:02 01.08.2016

    Ring the Alarm: UK Churches on High Alert After Priest Murder in France

  • Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Dallas, Texas September 14, 2015
    08:10 30.03.2016

    Donald, Defender of the Faith: Trump Calls on US Christians to Unite

  • Religion and human trafficking
    02:31 17.09.2015

    State Has No Right to Implement Security Checks of Faith Leaders - NGO

  • The Moscow Mayor's Office has rejected a request of Caucasus-based Islamic organizations to hold a mass rally in Moscow next week to protest offensive caricatures
    22:01 17.01.2015

    Moscow Mayor's Office Refuses Muslim Group's Request to Hold a Mass Rally Against Offensive Cartoons

    World Reacts to Charlie Hebdo Attack