• Underwater
    18:26 29.06.2017

    Centuries-Old Sailing Vessels Found Near Russian Island in the Baltic (VIDEO)

  • The desert temples at El Kab (Egypt)
    21:42 26.06.2017

    Massive Ancient Hieroglyphs Unearthed in Egypt Shock Researchers

  • Mars Orbiter Mission Over Mars. (File)
    21:43 22.03.2017

    US Plans to Send Expedition to Mars 'Will Take Russia Into Account'

  • An Arctic dawn. (File)
    10:21 04.03.2017

    Russian Defense Ministry Arctic Expedition Successfully Covers 373 Miles - Deputy Minister

  • Earth in space with a flying asteroid
    21:38 10.02.2017

    Superman, is That You? Russian Scientists Find 13kg of Extraterrestrial Material in Iranian Desert

  • Flight Fedor Konyukhov
    21:23 09.02.2017

    Famous Russian Traveler Sets New World Record for Longest Air Balloon Flight (VIDEO)

  • The Kaliningrad large landing ship is back to Baltiysk naval harbor
    08:45 02.01.2017

    Russia's Baltic Fleet Ships Performed Seven Long-Haul Expeditions Over 2016 - Spokesman

  • Meteorite
    21:35 10.12.2016

    Russian Meteorite Hunters Set Off for Iran

  • Kara-Winter 2015 Arctic expedition
    14:46 22.11.2016

    Russia to Promote Arctic Shelf Expansion Bid in UN Next Week - Ministry

  • Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
    14:32 02.11.2016

    China Starts 161-Day Antarctic Research Expedition

  • Scientist of the Tomsk State University Sergei Leschinsky
    14:56 23.09.2016

    Russian Paleontologists Discover Unique Mammoth Remains

  • An archeological team from Nizhny Novgorod discovered fragments of pottery, household items and women’s jewelry at a site in Crimea, presumed to be from the first century BC
    17:00 20.09.2016

    Russian Archeologists Discover Ancient City’s Artifacts in Crimea

  • Chinese scientists have successfully tested an unmanned glider Haiyi-7000 water reached a depth of 5751 m and is about to break the record of the United States
    14:36 02.09.2016

    China's New Deep Sea Robot Dives Into World’s Deepest Trench

  • This computer-generated view depicts part of Mars at the boundary between darkness and daylight, with an area including Gale Crater beginning to catch morning light, in this handout image provided by NASA
    15:55 29.08.2016

    Life on Mars? Six Volunteers Spend Year Discovering What It's Like

  • A ship in the East Siberian Sea. (File)
    20:15 10.08.2016

    Russian Historians Discover Wrecks of Lost 19th Century Ships in Siberia

  • Zaderzhaniye Bay on Matua Island
    21:20 28.06.2016

    Russian Island With WWII Japanese Underground Base Gives Up Its Mysteries

  • Kuril Islands
    05:00 19.06.2016

    Russian Kuril Islands Expedition Finds World War II Japanese Fighter Plane

  • Kuril islands
    17:43 14.06.2016

    Safe Land: No Source of Toxic Substances Found on Russia's Matua Island

  • Participants of the Gogland expedition on Bolshoy Tyuters Island, Leningrad Region
    12:55 31.05.2016

    Russia's Gulf of Finland Expedition Thanks Rossiya Segodnya Journalists

  • Participants of the Gogland expedition on Bolshoy Tyuters Island, Leningrad Region.
    10:20 30.05.2016

    Crew of Soviet Pe-2 Bomber Crashed Over Bolshoi Tuyters Island Identified