• Euthanasia
    19:48 12.04.2017

    Number of Euthanasia Cases in Netherlands Increases by 10% in 2016

  • Euthanasia
    17:31 11.11.2016

    Dying With Dignity: Petition for 'Happy Departure' Gains Momentum in Finland

  • Euthanasia
    12:38 09.11.2016

    Colorado Backs Euthanasia in State-Wide Ballot

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    11:22 19.09.2016

    Danes Demand Euthanasia Despite Gov't's Discontent

  • World cities. Brussels
    15:49 17.09.2016

    Belgium Euthanizes Child for First Time After Lifting Age Limits

  • Rescue workers are seen in a facility for the disabled, where a deadly attack by a knife-wielding man took place, in Sagamihara, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo July 26, 2016.
    12:29 26.07.2016

    Japan Care Facility Attacker Revealed as Euthanasia Supporter

  • Looking Forward
    15:32 13.11.2015

    The Assisted Suicide Debate

  • Advocacy group The National Council on Independent Living Executive Director Kelly Buckland claims that wrong diagnosis of terminal illness could cause patients to choose euthanasia needlessly.
    02:51 09.10.2015

    California-Approved Euthanasia May Result in Unneeded Deaths - NGO

  • Not Dead Yet New England Regional Director John Kelly claims that mistakes and abuse often take place when euthanasia drugs are administered to patients who want to die quickly.
    02:42 07.10.2015

    US Advocacy Group Claims Mistakes, Abuse Occur During Euthanasia Process

  • Death With Dignity National Center Vice President George Eighmey claims that California Governor Jerry Brown’s approval of legislation allowing euthanasia will inspire other US states to legalize the practice.
    02:37 07.10.2015

    California Move to Legalize Euthanasia Sets Example for Other States - NGO

  • A doctor draws medicine into a syringe
    07:52 12.09.2015

    Right-to-Die Legislation Passed by California Senate

  • Chemotherapy is administered to a cancer patient.
    04:15 03.07.2015

    Belgian Doctors: Depressed Woman Has Right to End Own Life

  • A doctor draws medicine into a syringe
    04:20 10.06.2015

    Tennessee State Senate Hears Dying Attorney's Plea for Euthanasia

  • Euthanasia - facts and details
    06:53 22.05.2015

    Euthanasia - Facts and Details

  • Chilean Girl Asks Authorities to Die Via Youtube Video

  • Brave New World
    20:56 26.02.2015

    Should We Be Helped to Die?

  • In light of growing alarm over PETA’s euthanasia policies, a new Virginia law could put the organization’s Norfolk headquarter’s shelter out of business.
    18:16 25.02.2015

    Virginia Law Could Force PETA to Close Kill Shelter