• European Central Bank
    18:50 30.07.2018

    Eurozone Economic Confidence Weakens in July Amid Trade Tensions

  • The EURO logo is pictured in front of the European Central Bank, ECB in Frankfurt/Main, central Germany, on November 6, 2014
    14:12 07.07.2018

    Eurozone Corporate Profits Drop Amid Elevated Trade Concerns

  • The Euro logo is pictured in front of the former headquarter of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany, on July 20, 2015.
    17:43 28.06.2018

    European Central Bank Urges Eurozone Reform to Boost GDP Growth

  • Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte
    11:39 14.06.2018

    More EU is Not the Answer to Problems, Closer Union is 'No Goal' – Dutch PM

  • Rome
    23:10 10.06.2018

    Fingers Crossed: New Eurosceptic Italian Leadership to Retain Euro

  • European Central Bank
    17:02 09.06.2018

    European Central Bank to End Easy-Money Era in Response to US Fed’s Policies

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, and French President Emmanuel Macron prepare to address the media at an EU summit in Brussels on Friday, June 23, 2017.
    15:40 07.06.2018

    Merkel: Berlin Ready for Compromise With France to Reform Eurozone

  • Dressed-up protesters take part in a rally against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a massive free-trade accord being negotiated by the European Union and the United States, on October 10, 2015 in Amsterdam.
    19:30 30.05.2018

    'Brussels Without Shame': EU Budget Chief Gets Roasted for Lecturing Italy

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron meet at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany May 15, 2017
    15:24 23.05.2018

    Macron's EU Reform Proposals Slammed by German Economists as "Great Risks for Europeans"

  • Money
    15:22 20.05.2018

    Paris Urges New Italian Gov't to Respect Debt Obligations to Keep Eurozone Safe

  • Eurozone
    18:40 13.05.2018

    Eurozone Economy Grinds to Halt Amid Trade, Policy Woes

  • Knotted EU, left,  and Polish flags (File)
    20:12 03.05.2018

    French, German Officials Express Concerns Over EU New 2021-2027 Budget Proposals

  • Euro currency and EU flag
    04:56 03.05.2018

    Eurozone Growth Slows Down as EU Unveils Post-Brexit Budget Plan

  • French President Emmanuel Macron, right, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel participate in a media conference at the conclusion of an EU summit in Brussels
    13:29 19.04.2018

    Off to Berlin! What Points in EU Leadership Macron Can Debate With Merkel

  • Eurozone
    14:59 11.03.2018

    French, German Leaders Postpone Announcement of Eurozone Reform

  • The Euro logo is pictured in front of the former headquarter of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany, on July 20, 2015.
    12:41 20.02.2018

    Projected Right-Wing Rise in Italy Challenges Eurozone Unity

  • A young woman walks past a graffiti called 'Death of Euro' by French street artist Goin, in central Athens on June 19, 2015
    10:34 24.07.2017

    Damage Limitation: Calls for 'Managed End' to Euro as Italy Teeters on the Brink

  • People walks past a shuttered pharmacy in the northern port city of Thessaloniki, Greece, Wednesday, March 26, 2014.
    19:03 04.07.2017

    Athens Takes on Pharmacies as Greeks Wean Themselves Off Brand Name Drugs

  • German Chancellor and chairwoman of the German Christian Democrats, CDU, Angela Merkel, points with her fingers during a visit to the convention venue prior to the 27. party convention in Cologne, Germany, Monday, Dec. 8, 2014.
    18:20 16.06.2017

    Many Europeans Believe Germany Has Too Much Influence Within EU - Poll

  • Eurozone
    17:10 02.06.2017

    MEPs Slam EU Commission for 'Capitulation Over Deficiencies' in the Euro