• Global warming
    15:21 26.02.2015

    Burn Baby Burn: EU Presses on With Single Energy Market Run by Polluters

  • Conditions for the proposed $17.5 billion IMF loan may include raising consumer gas tariffs by 264 percent.
    14:56 17.02.2015

    Ukrainian Households Face 264% Spike in Utilities Rates on Gas

  • A worker walks past pump jacks on an oil field January 28, 2015
    01:10 09.02.2015

    Stable, Reliable Energy Market is in the Interests of All Countries - Putin

  • Oil, gas and coal-producing states might face problems on local level of US economy
    02:59 03.02.2015

    Energy Decline Not Harmful to US, Some Producing States Might Suffer

  • A fuel tanker truck driver stores his hoses after a gasoline delivery at the Costco in Beltsville, Maryland
    03:30 31.01.2015

    Rising Wages, Falling Gas Prices Boost US Consumer Spending Growth