• In this Thursday, April 19, 2018, photo, Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Success prepares to dock at Saigon port in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    17:37 20.04.2018

    Holding No Water: Beijing Denies Challenging Australia in S China Sea

  • Raccoons
    16:11 05.04.2018

    Night of the Living Raccoon: Zombie-Like Animals Allegedly Invade American City

  • UFO
    16:25 18.02.2018

    Study Reveals How Mankind Would React to Contact With Space Aliens

  • Shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus)
    14:23 06.01.2018

    'You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat': Man Films Encounter With Shark Near Florida

  • Great White Shark
    14:14 12.12.2017

    Great White Shark's 'Surprise Attack' Nearly Beheads Scuba Diver (VIDEO)

  • Black bears
    17:58 24.09.2017

    'This is Canada': Video of Man's Cordial Reaction to Bears Charms Internet

  • UFO
    21:41 22.08.2017

    UFO vs MiG: Former Air Force Commander Shares Bizarre Encounter With Flying Orb

  • Moose on Sweden golf course
    16:00 08.07.2017

    Moose on the Loose! Young Elk Plays at Swedish Golf Course

  • Mavic Pro vs Seagull
    13:00 08.07.2017

    Do a Barrel Roll! Seagull Barely Avoids Midair Collision With a Drone

  • Bear race
    15:31 13.06.2017

    Coming Through! Bear Cuts Straight Through a Race in Colorado (PHOTO)

  • Bear and cubs
    14:59 18.12.2016

    Mother Bear and Her Cubs Take Stroll Across Ski Resort at Sochi (VIDEO)

  • Where are you going, boars?
    09:45 28.11.2016

    'Where Are You Going?!' Russian Man Drives Off a Pack of Boars

  • Arachnophobe's worst nightmare as spider as big as a TORTOISE runs out of bushes towards holiday
    14:48 27.11.2016

    Close Encounter With a Giant Spider the Size of a Tortoise

  • Lion Attacks Riders on Horseback Safari !
    21:00 19.11.2016

    Safari Riders Run Into a Lion

  • Iranian Navy boats take part in maneuvers during the Velayat-90 navy exercises in the Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran (File)
    06:55 15.09.2016

    Iran Unveils a Powerful New High-Speed Ship

  • Face-to-Face With Monster Black Bear
    01:30 02.09.2016

    Face-to-Face With Monster Black Bear

  • Crocodile wanders onto Mexico beach
    21:20 11.07.2016

    So a Croc Wanders Onto a Beach in Mexico

  • Pedals bipedal bear sighting
    17:01 27.06.2016

    Bear Goes Bipedal to Compensate for Injury

  • Little Girl Finds a Giant Snake
    18:37 11.06.2016

    Why Did It Have to be Snakes?

  • Jellyfish: April 24, 2016
    17:41 30.04.2016

    Bizarre 'Alien' Creature Found Miles Undersea in Deepest Ocean Trench (VIDEO)