• In an article for Germany's Die Welt published Sunday, journalist Eduard Steiner notes that despite tens of billions in loan assistance, Ukraine has not given Western creditors any guarantees that it will carry out the reforms tied to the loan agreements.
    16:59 22.03.2015

    Money for Nothing: German Media See Ukraine as a Bad Investment

  • Commenting on the IMF's decision to provide Ukraine with a $17.5 billion loan package, Martin Sieff, columnist for the Baltimore Post-Examiner, argues that Western financial intervention into the Ukrainian economy is akin to throwing money down a black hole.
    20:51 11.03.2015

    Providing Financial Aid to Ukraine is Like Throwing Money Into a Black Hole – Analyst

  • In an interview for a German newspaper published Thursday, the German Foreign Minister defended sanctions against Russia and economic assistance to Ukraine, but noted that negotiations with Russia must continue in the aim of finding a political solution to the conflict.
    12:32 05.03.2015

    Germany Against Permanent Separation of Russia From EU – Steinmeier