• Orphaned Kitten Forges Unlikely Friendship After Rescue
    01:00 13.06.2019

    Orphaned Kitten Forges Unlikely Friendship After Rescue

  • Duck and Golden Retriever
    07:30 07.06.2019

    Duck Off! Silly Birdo Annoys Cute Golden Retriever

  • Golden Retriever and a duck
    15:00 28.04.2019

    Sexual Predator: Strange Duck Tries to Bite Golden Retriever's Private Parts

  • A police officer near the Mill pub in Salisbury, where the traces of the nerve agent used to poison former Main Intelligence Directorate colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found
    14:33 19.04.2019

    Russian Embassy Accuses CIA of Showing Fake Photos on Skripal Case to Trump

  • Duck took a wild ride but did make it out on the other side!
    08:26 08.03.2019

    Duck Sucked by Lake Berryessa 'Glory Hole' Sparks Debate Over Its Survival (VIDEO)

  • Dog
    08:30 22.02.2019

    Unlikely Best Friends? Golden Retriever Enjoys Duck's Company

  • Duck on ice
    13:00 13.12.2018

    Like a Boss: Duck Shows Off Smooth Landing on Icy Pond

  • Duck
    08:30 10.11.2018

    Baby Got Quack: Duck's Body Captured on Cam From Hilariously Unusual Angle

  • Japanese guards guide the ducks to a safe place.
    19:00 11.10.2018

    Escort of Honor: Japanese Policemen Help Ducks Get out of Danger

  • Aмazιng Naтυre
    13:20 27.09.2018

    Unusual Friendships: Cats and Ducks

  • So. Many. Ducks.
    09:00 10.07.2018

    What the Duck: Feathered Flock Crosses Road, Frustrates Motorcycle Men

  • Ducks eating watermelon
    09:05 25.06.2018

    You're Not You When You're Hungry: Ducks Eat Watermelon

  • Man walks cute ducklings through shopping center
    16:55 24.06.2018

    Shopping Spree: Chinese Man Takes Ducklings to Mall

  • Rescued Duckling Reunited with Parents
    08:30 13.06.2018

    Duckling Rescued From Trap, Reunited With Parents in Fountain

  • Russia: Duck Attacks Taxi Driver in Moscow
    15:00 04.06.2018

    Duck Attack! Angry Bird 'Defends' Its Ducklings From Taxi Driver

  • Duck
    21:01 21.04.2018

    Charge It to My Bill: Police Speed Cam in Switzerland Snaps Speeding Duck

  • A new applying of screaming geese
    09:00 14.04.2018

    Duck Army 2.0: How to Use a Screaming Duck

  • Stopped by a River of Ducks
    09:00 25.03.2018

    River of Ducks Crossing Road Hinders Movement in Vietnam

  • A gigantic, yellow rubber duck is floated under the Pyrmont Bridge into Sydney's Darling Harbour on January 5, 2013 to kick off Sydney's annual arts festival, a celebration which combines high-art with popular entertainment
    14:48 18.03.2018

    Duck Overboard! Giant Inflatable Mascot Hits Indian Ocean

  • Duck Is In Love With Dog
    09:00 07.01.2018

    Unusual Match: Affectionate Duck Makes No Disguise of Feelings for a Dog