• Apple
    19:20 26.04.2016

    Twice Lucky: FBI Drops Fight Against Apple Second Time Around

  • A young woman using her smartphone
    19:07 08.04.2016

    Swipe Right to Buy Weed: Dealers Use Tinder to Sell Drugs

  • Cashing In
    19:22 29.01.2016

    Cashing In

  • USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) departs Naval Station Norfolk
    23:42 16.10.2015

    US Navy Sailor, Wife Sold Heroin Aboard Aircraft Carrier

  • Parris Frazier
    05:08 17.08.2015

    FBI Goes Undercover to Bust Arizona Militia on Drug Charges

  • Australian Drug Dealers on Indonesia Death Row Get 72-Hour Execution Notice

  • Thomas Herring, 39, of Lackawanna, NY, was convicted of obstruction of justice and sentenced to two years in prison on Friday after purchasing crack-cocaine for the FBI from the wrong dealer. The arrest sheds light on US law enforcement’s problematic - and often deadly - use of informants in their operations.
    02:24 04.04.2015

    FBI Snitch Sentenced to Prison for Buying Drugs From Wrong Dealer in Sting Operation

  • US President Barack Obama
    07:21 01.04.2015

    Obama Commutes Prison Sentences of 22 Drug Dealers – White House