• Il-96-400T
    20:25 28.07.2016

    Russian Next-Generation 'Doomsday Plane' Finally Ready for Action

  • A piggy bank with a Euro note
    19:24 12.02.2016

    Germany Predicts Doom and Gloom as Eurozone Worries Mount

  • Looks fun.
    23:51 30.12.2015

    Just in Case: Top 10 Places to Go to Survive the Apocalypse

  • Earth explosion
    01:26 08.10.2015

    Check Something Off Your Bucket List: Today Might Be the End of the World

  • Doomsday
    02:34 15.09.2015

    Utah Mormons Are Stocking Up, Expecting Doomsday in September

  • Vivos underground survival shelter
    11:23 14.06.2015

    Soviet-Era Bunker in Germany Will Shelter You When the World Ends

  • On Friday, the planets of our solar system will align – kind of – and according to an Internet freak out, that somehow means that a massive earthquake will occur in California.
    04:48 28.05.2015

    Planets Will Align Thursday, But it Won’t Bring Disaster to US West Coast