• Diver gets in fight with shark after cheeky predator tries to steal the fish he caught for dinner
    09:00 08.11.2017

    Diver vs Shark: A Deadly Fight for Fish Caught on Video

  • Shark
    21:53 23.10.2017

    UK Diver on Escape From Giant Shark:'It Tried to Work Out Whether I'm on the Menu'

  • Friendly seal gets playful with diver
    09:00 26.09.2017

    Overly-Friendly Seal Becomes Buddies With Stunned Diver

  • Find the Flipper
    20:00 14.08.2017

    Whale Breaches and Lands Right on a Freediver

  • Russian Divers Retrieve US WWII-Era Tanks From Barents Sea
    16:00 14.07.2017

    Deep-Sea Discoveries: Russian Divers Lift Two Sunken US WWII Tanks

  • Daredevil Freediver Steers Sunken Shipwreck
    16:00 03.07.2017

    Rolling in the Deep: Daredevil Diver Poses as Captain of Sunken Ship

  • Man Attacked by Shark in the Florida Keys
    16:00 08.06.2017

    Between Life and Death: Man Miraculously Escapes Deadly Shark Attack

  • St. Clair River Dive Under Freighter - The Real Deal
    21:02 08.05.2017

    Diving Under Freighter

  • 5.7 magnitude earthquake underwater
    19:30 10.04.2017

    What a 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Looks Like Under Water

  • Freediving With Giant Manta Rays
    10:00 10.02.2017

    Magical Moment a Swimmer Free Dives With Giant 'Sea Devils'

  • Cesilie Carlton performs 55 ft dive on Harmony of the Seas
    21:00 07.02.2017

    Dauntless High Diver Jumps From the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

  • Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman
    20:40 10.01.2017

    Deadly Fight: Spear Fisherman vs Bull Shark

  • Diver
    20:52 18.11.2016

    Iran to Replace Divers With Robots

  • Swarm of Friendly Sea Lions Greet Diver
    03:35 09.09.2016

    Swarm of Friendly Sea Lions Greet Diver

  • Pretty Cool Footage From Drowned Video Camera
    04:06 09.07.2016

    Pretty Cool Footage From Drowned Video Camera

  • OceanOne
    17:42 01.05.2016

    Aquatic Discovery Automated as Deep Diving Robot Grabs Global Headlines

  • A Whale Shark Cooperates with the Diver Saving Him
    18:48 13.02.2016

    Deep Sea Rescue: Diver Helps a Whale Shark

  • Critically endangered sea turtle swims with divers
    18:22 09.02.2016

    Critically Endangered Turtle Swims With Divers

  • Octopus sucks onto arm and won't let go!
    20:11 12.01.2016

    Tentacle Attack! Diver Encounters a Clingy Octopus

  • Gold coins and gold chain found in the wreckage of a 1715 Spanish fleet that sunk in the Atlantic off the Florida coast are seen in an undated handout picture courtesy of 1715 Fleet - Queens Jewels LLC
    11:57 20.08.2015

    Once in a Lifetime: 300-Year Old Spanish Treasure Found Near Florida