• Lying in London
    02:46 05.06.2019

    Lying in London

  • Britain's Queen Elizabeth and U.S. President Donald Trump arrive at the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in London, Britain June 3, 2019
    03:55 04.06.2019

    Trump Proves ‘Plump and Inviting Target’ for Anti-Imperialist Protests in UK

  • The First Lady Melania Trump waits as U.S. President Donald Trump and Britain's Queen Elizabeth walk across the courtyard to inspect the Coldstream Guards during a visit to Windsor Castle in Windsor
    22:42 31.05.2019

    Carnival of Resistance: Thousands of UK Protesters Await Trump’s State Visit

  • Sudan. Khartoum main centre and street life
    06:56 14.05.2019

    Two People Shot Dead During Mass Demonstrations in Central Khartoum – Reports

  • People march in the city centre of Berlin, Germany, during a traditional May Day demonstration of trade unions
    19:04 01.05.2019

    Protesters Gather in Berlin to Mark International Workers' Day (VIDEO)

  • The road is blocked by demonstrators during a climate protest at Marble Arch in London, Tuesday, April 16, 2019
    19:18 26.04.2019

    New Banksy Street Art Surfaces at London's Marble Arch After Massive Attack Show

  • Police is seen as climate change activists demonstrate during the Extinction Rebellion protest, at Canary Wharf DLR station in London, Britain April 17, 2019.
    13:11 25.04.2019

    Extinction Rebellion Activists Disrupt London Stock Exchange, Flood Trains

  • Police arresting a man in Southall on 23 April 1979
    15:40 23.04.2019

    ‘Unfinished Business' 40 Years After Blair Peach Was Killed by UK Police

  • Julian Assange's photo attached to the statue of Joan of Arc in Toulouse, France
    13:16 21.04.2019

    Statue of Joan of Arc Disguised as Assange Amid Yellow Vests Rallies in Toulouse (PHOTO, VIDEO)

  • Demonstrators gather in Sudan's capital of Khartoum, Friday, April 12, 2019. The Sudanese protest movement has rejected the military's declaration that it has no ambitions to hold the reins of power for long after ousting the president of 30 years, Omar al-Bashir. The writing on the Sudanese flag says With the participation of the Sudanese in Saint Etienne, France.
    01:03 13.04.2019

    ‘We Finally Feel United’: Sudan’s Democratic Revolution Gains Steam After Bashir, Ibn Auf Ousters

  • Protesters demonstrate against Serbian President outside the state-run TV headquarters, on March 16, 2019 in Belgrade.
    10:26 18.03.2019

    Serbian President Vows to Prevent Violence Amid Ongoing Anti-Gov't Protests (VIDEO)

  • Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro
    17:55 09.03.2019

    Maduro Vows to Respond to 'Imperial Aggression' as Mass Protests Loom Large

  • A member of the Algerian security forces is seen with a bloodied face as riot forces respond to protests in the capital Algiers on March 1, 2019, against ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's bid for a fifth term in power.
    10:57 02.03.2019

    Algeria Swamped With Massive Protests Against President's Re-Election (PHOTO, VIDEO)

  • Venezuela's National Assembly head Juan Guaido waves to the crowd during a mass opposition rally against leader Nicolas Maduro in which he declared himself the country's acting president, on the anniversary of a 1958 uprising that overthrew military dictatorship, in Caracas on January 23, 2019.
    08:40 26.01.2019

    Analyst on Venezuelan Crisis: We Are Returning to Old Monroe Doctrine of 'Backyard'

    Political Crisis in Venezuela
  • This Week in Pictures: 19 - 25 January
    13:39 25.01.2019Photo28

    This Week in Pictures: 19 - 25 January

  • Demonstrators clash with security forces while participating in a rally against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government and to commemorate the 61st anniversary of the end of the dictatorship of Marcos Perez Jimenez in Tachira, Venezuela
    03:52 24.01.2019

    ‘We’ve Lived Through This Before’: Attempted Coup Against Maduro Not US’ First in Venezuela

    Political Crisis in Venezuela
  • Demonstrators wearing yellow vests stands next to a burning bicycle at the Champs Elysees avenue during a protest in Paris, Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019.
    10:00 19.01.2019

    Macron's 'Pseudo National Debate' Won't Diffuse Yellow Vests Crisis – Journo

  • Yellow vest protestors march past Le Musee D'Orsay in Paris on January 5, 2019, during a rally by yellow vest Gilets Jaunes anti-government protestors.
    21:08 08.01.2019

    'Britain Is Broken' Rally to Demand Snap Elections, End to Austerity – Activist

  • Protestors hold placards as they demostrate against the annual rise in rail tickets, for travel on trains, outside King's Cross railway station in London on January 3, 2017
    21:12 02.01.2019

    Chris Grayling Blames Trade Unions for Rail Fare Increases, UK MPs 'Strike' Back

  • French President Emmanuel Macron celebrates the birthdays of two French soldiers including Nana (22) of Mali, from the Barkhane force during a dinner at the Barkhane tactical command center in N'Djamena on December 22, 2018.
    17:45 23.12.2018

    'Let Them Eat Cake': Users on Macron Sharing Champagne With French Army in Chad