• The Critical Hour
    12:30 05.10.2018

    Kavanaugh's Fate; Testimony Ends in Van Dyke Trial; Brazil Election Guide

  • The Critical Hour
    12:00 01.09.2018

    Mumia's Appeal Continues & It's Time for Friday's Wrap Up

  • The Critical Hour
    12:47 22.08.2018

    Cohen Pleads Guilty as Manafort is Found Guilty; Nationwide Prisoner Strike

  • The Critical Hour
    12:29 03.08.2018

    Pope Declares Death Penalty Inadmissible; The US Criminal 'Injustice' System

  • A Cleveland judge ordered a man’s mouth to be covered with duct tape during his sentencing hearing on Tuesday.
    02:37 02.08.2018

    Judge Orders Man’s Mouth Taped Shut Before Sentencing Him to 24 Years in Prison

  • The Critical Hour
    12:09 13.07.2018

    NFL Players Union Calls Foul Play Over Anthem Policy & Emmett Till Case Reopened

  • The Critical Hour
    11:51 03.07.2018

    Cop Charged With Shooting a Teen; Can Mexico's New President Create Change

  • The Critical Hour
    08:00 30.06.2018

    Justice Kennedy's Legacy vs Trump's New Nominee and Rep. Waters' Death Threats

  • Fault Lines
    18:22 08.06.2018

    DC Reigns Supreme as Washington Capitals Win Stanley Cup

  • A G4S vehicle
    18:54 13.04.2018

    G4S Faces Large Fines for Mishandling UK Prisons

  • Fault Lines
    10:59 17.10.2017

    Harvey Weinstein's Political Connections, Social Justice Advocacy

  • Fault Lines
    14:00 14.10.2017

    Trump Executive Orders Take Aim at Affordable Care Act

  • Bulgarians talk on a street in Sofia backdropped by the European Union flag 27 September 2006.
    17:18 27.01.2017

    Corruption Runs Rampant in Bulgaria and Romania After 10 Years of EU Membership

  • The BradCast
    12:36 13.07.2016

    'Stronger Together': Sanders Endorses Clinton; Obama Memorializes in Dallas

  • Israelis and Palestinians wave flags
    02:41 03.06.2016

    Israeli Woman Lied About Rape, Palestinian Kid Still Faces Prison

  • The BradCast
    15:42 19.10.2015

    The Unspeakable Personal Price of Our Failed 'War on Drugs'

  • The BradCast
    15:54 14.10.2015

    Ending Mass Incarceration and Debunking New Fox 'News' Lie About Voting