• Robots
    14:22 07.01.2016

    Universal Soldiers: Combat Robots to Join Russian Army in 2016

  • Tech Noir: Russian Army to Receive Next Generation Combat Robots in 2016
    14:38 28.12.2015

    Tech Noir: Russian Army to Receive Next Generation Combat Robots in 2016

  • Workers of the JSC Uralvagonzavod assemble tanks on the production floor
    14:39 20.10.2015

    Armata Manufacturer Aims to Introduce New Combat Robot Prototypes

  • Spot the robot dog during training
    00:34 23.09.2015

    Future of Infantry: State-Of-The Art Google Robot Tested by US Marine Corps

  • Armata main battle tank
    15:16 08.08.2015

    Russia's 'Secret Weapon of War' Holds the Key to Armata's Future

  • New Platform-M combat robot on show at military festival
    15:07 26.07.2015

    New Russian Combat Robot on Display

  • Terminator Exhibition: T-800
    21:48 24.07.2015

    Rise of the Machines: Robots, Cyborgs to Play First Fiddle in War of 2050

  • Platforma-M special reconnaissance remote-controlled transport platform during the relocation of the Baltic Fleet military equipment for a Victory Day Parade rehearsal in Kaliningrad.
    11:53 22.07.2015

    Russia Showcasing Brand New Killer Robot (VIDEO)

    13:53 01.07.2015

    Japan Challenged by US to a Giant Robot Duel

  • Mine clearance in mountainous areas of Chechen Republic
    16:21 14.05.2015

    Russian Battle Robots Pass Military Trials

  • A subsidiary of the Russian state technologies corporation Rostec is developing a universal tracked robotic platform that could be used in both combat and rescue operations, the company's deputy CEO said Tuesday
    18:59 12.05.2015

    Russia Developing Universal Platform for Combat Robots

  • RAF Reaper MQ-9 remotely piloted air system
    00:26 15.04.2015

    Controlled Drones Usage Shows 'Killer Robots' to Be Disastrous - CODEPINK

  • A mobile security robot
    23:05 14.04.2015

    'Killer Robots' May Trigger ‘Accidental’ Skirmishes - NGO

  • Visitors walk past a model of Israeli weapon company Rafael' C-Dome is presented at the Euronaval show, in Le Bourget, north of Paris.
    13:51 14.04.2015

    Human Rights Groups Call for Ban on Killer Robots

  • Reaper drone
    21:55 09.04.2015

    'Killer Robots' Could Become Perfect Tool for Repression - Rights Group

  • The US military is preparing the first draft of a doctrine regulating the development and use of robotic and unmanned systems on the battlefield, the Defense News website reported.
    18:36 09.04.2015

    US Military Preparing Unmanned, Robotic Systems Doctrine

  • Multifunctional robotic Uranium-6 demining system
    14:14 27.03.2015

    Russian Combat Robots to Be on Display at Army 2015 Forum

    Army 2015 Defense Forum