• Azov Commander Andrei Beletsky
    15:07 29.04.2015

    Ukrainian Battalion Commander Claims War in East is 'War of Civilizations'

  • So-called Preppers and survivalists gathered in a Utah suburb Friday to check out underground bunkers, kick the tires on armored vehicles, shop around for big knives, swap ideas on food storage and dress up as zombies.
    05:25 25.04.2015

    The End is Nigh: Utah Expo Draws 'Prepper' Crowds With Bunkers, Zombies

  • Burgerbukta, Norway
    19:27 24.04.2015

    Frozen Conflict: Fears Grow of Arctic Resources Standoff

  • Easter in Russia
    18:58 14.04.2015

    Russia Finds a National Idea