• a British flag is blown by the wind near to Big Ben's clock tower in front of the UK Houses of Parliament in central London
    22:04 18.09.2018

    Russian Embassy: UK Spy Agencies Involved in Incidents With Russian Nationals

  • CIA Director Mike Pompeo speaks at a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on worldwide threats, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, in Washington.
    15:20 14.09.2018

    Pompeo Blames Iran's Supreme Leader for Sacrificing Muslims in Exchange for Oil Profit

  • Eurostar Train at Paris Gare Du Nord Station (File)
    13:38 14.09.2018

    London Downplays France's Warning to Block Planes, Trains From UK in Case of No-Deal Brexit

  • Dutch officers carry out extra patrols at the Central Station in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 22 March 2016
    13:21 01.09.2018

    Afghan Suspect in Stabbing Attack in Amsterdam Had 'Terrorist Motive' - Authorities

  • Deir ez-Zor view (File)
    21:37 24.08.2018

    Western-Made Weapons Discovered Near Deir ez-Zor in Syria – Reports

  • Supermercado
    05:52 17.08.2018

    US Tariffs 'Certainly Going to Make Life Difficult' for Americans - Scholar

  • An armed fighter belonging to the 3R armed militia displays his weapon in the town of Koui, Central African Republic, April 27, 2017
    17:37 31.07.2018

    Russian Foreign Ministry Confirms Three Russian Journalists Killed in CAR

  • Direct Line with Vladimir Putin
    08:00 07.06.2018

    Annual Q&A Session With Russian President Putin to Take Place on Thursday

  • The 2018 FIFA World Cup stand ahead of the 2017 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). (File)
    14:45 31.05.2018

    FIFA Organizer Reveals How World Cup Will Influence Live of Russian Citizens

  • Tourists are sen in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany, Friday, Sept. 25, 2009
    16:10 23.05.2018

    Record Number of UK Nationals Became German Citizens in 2017 - Statistics

  • 21:56 26.04.2018Photo18

    Haunting Chernobyl: Day of Remembrance of Nuclear Catastrophe

  • Couple fighting
    15:30 25.04.2018

    Feminism is Appealing for Ugly, Low IQ Women - Sociologist

  • Crimea view. (File)
    11:22 20.03.2018

    German Lawmaker Slams Ukrainian Ambassador's Idea to Ban Germans From Crimea

  • People outside a mosque after it was destroyed by a fire in Berlin, Germany, March 11, 2018
    12:54 13.03.2018

    Kurdish Youth Group in Germany Vows to Turn Europe Into 'Rubble and Ash'

  • An election billboard for the presidential election
    17:18 12.03.2018

    Over 90% Russians Informed About March 18 Presidential Election – Poll

  • Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond attends the Marr Show at the BBC in London, March 11, 2018
    15:18 12.03.2018

    UK Chancellor Doesn't Want to Return Russian Businessmen $1.1Mln in Donations Amid Ex-Spy Case

    Alleged Poisoning Attack on Russian Ex-Spy Skripal in UK
  • A woman passes by the food bank in the western German city Essen Friday, Feb. 23, 2018
    13:55 26.02.2018

    'F*** Nazis': German Charity Vandalized for Prioritizing Citizens Over Migrants

  • French President Emmanuel Macron, left, passes by German Chancellor Angela Merkel prior to addressing a media conference at an EU summit in Brussels on Friday, Dec. 15, 2017.
    20:52 23.02.2018

    To Cut Anti-Terrorism Funds or Not: EU States Divided Over Post-Brexit Finances

  • Member of the leadership of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) far-right party Andre Poggenburg speaks during the congress of the party on December 2, 2017 in Hanover, northern Germany
    11:24 16.02.2018

    Right-Wing German AFD Member Under Fire for Calling Turks 'Camel Drivers'

  • Russian army servicemen at the Khmeimim Air Base in Syria
    11:04 14.02.2018

    Kremlin Not Ruling Out Presence of Russian Citizens Apart From Military in Syria