• Alexander Romanovskiy
    17:27 01.01.2017

    Magnet for Tourists: Remote Island of Spitsbergen Through the Eyes of Its Russian 'Guardian’ (PHOTO)

  • Cat
    13:01 26.12.2016

    Europe’s Biggest Cat Café Opens in St. Petersburg (PHOTOS)

  • Barana cafe, Kabul
    20:59 10.10.2016

    A Taste of Freedom: New Cafe in Kabul Opens Its Doors to Women

  • Homeless person
    19:25 06.10.2016

    Full of Beans: London Hipsters Selling Coffee Accused of Offending Homeless

  • Maid in Tokyo: Visit Unique Soviet Cosplay Cafe in Japan
    13:10 04.10.2016

    Russian Girls Open Soviet-Style Cafe in Japan

  • Toast
    18:56 30.09.2016

    Deep Fried or 'Hipsterfied': Bread is Toast in East London

  • ItaCafe
    16:58 05.09.2016

    Maid in Tokyo: Russian Girl Opens Unique Cosplay Cafe in Japan

  • Coffee
    02:15 03.09.2016

    Think Twice About That Rude Comment: In Spain, Nice People Pay Less!

  • Books on wooden deck tabletop.
    17:59 01.09.2016

    Swap Your Hookah For A Book, Huh? New Baghdad Cafe Offers Literary Delights

  • Members of the public queue outside the Lindt Cafe at Martin Place in Sydney ahead of the re-opening on March 20, 2015
    12:13 20.07.2016

    Sydney Cafe Siege Commander Says Waited for 1st Hostage Death to Act Due to Bomb Threat

    Islamist Takes Hostages in Sydney Cafe
  • ZubaBox
    21:21 01.07.2016

    Colombia Debuts Containers Providing Internet Access to the Poor

  • A waitress with exceptional reflexes
    16:40 17.06.2016

    Waitress With Ninja Reflexes Saves the Day

  • Gunmen Open Fire on Iraqi Cafe, Casualties Reported
    09:00 13.05.2016

    At Least 12 Killed, 25 Wounded After Gunmen, Suicide Bombers Storm Iraqi Cafe

  • This handout picture released on Tuesday, April 19 by the Eindhoven University of Technology shows a flying drone bringing drinks to customers in the world's first drone cafe in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    17:58 25.04.2016

    Do You Need to Tip? World’s First Drone Café Opens in Holland

  • Cristiano Ronaldo was just going out for tea and this happened
    19:38 16.03.2016

    Cristiano Ronaldo Mobbed by Fans at Cafe

  • A barman serves champagne at the Carillon cafe, one of sites of the November 13 terror attacks in Paris, on January 13, 2016, on its reopening day.
    03:16 14.01.2016

    Carillon Bar Tergeted by Terrorists in Paris Attacks Reopens

  • Syria: Russian-themed cafes and restaurants on the rise in Latakia
    16:45 27.12.2015

    Culinary Intervention: Russian-Themed Restaurants Appear in Syria