• By Any Means Necessary
    11:43 11.07.2016

    The Aftermath and Implications of the Dallas Shootings

  • By Any Means Necessary
    16:27 29.06.2016

    Trump's 'Charity', Legalized Bribery, Corporate Sponsored Protests

  • Connecting the Pieces
    18:25 26.02.2016

    Does the US Government Shape the Media Narrative?

  • Loud & Clear
    14:42 26.02.2016

    Syrian Journalist: 'Is Obama Committed to Syria Ceasefire Plan?'

  • Loud & Clear
    13:50 05.01.2016

    State Department Was Warned of Saudi Executions

  • Desiree Griffiths, 31, of Miami, holds up a sign saying Black Lives Matter, with the names of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, two black men recently killed by police, during a protest
    03:20 21.12.2015

    New Video Emerges in Long Beach Deputy Shooting

  • The BradCast
    16:49 26.11.2015

    Serve & Protect

  • Occupy Wall Street protestors show they disapprove of police demanding that drums not be played in Zuccotti park due to a noise complaint from nearby residents on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011, in New York. Although the crowd insisted they had a right to play, the drummer in question opted to refrain from playing to avoid a confrontation with police.
    01:55 18.09.2015

    The Real Revolution: Bernie Sanders Owes His Success to Occupy Wall Street

  • Context Countdown
    15:13 14.08.2015

    Bernie’s Booting, Trump's "Bloodgate" and Hillary's Email Server Scandal

  • The BradCast
    16:40 28.07.2015

    Hillary Clinton's Climate Plan and the Awful Truth About It

  • The BradCast
    16:00 23.07.2015

    The Woman Who Led the #BlackLivesMatter Protest

  • A photo Dylann Storm Roof, who killed nine parishoners in a Charleston church, taken from his personal site which included a racist manifesto
    23:09 21.06.2015

    After Charleston Shootings, #WeWillShootBack Trends on Twitter

  • Demonstrators rally against the Missouri grand jury's decision to not indict Darren Wilson for his fatal shooting of Michael Brown, in front of a mural of Ezell Ford
    00:17 08.06.2015

    LAPD Found Justified in Shooting Mentally Ill Man, Sources Say

  • A demonstrator raises his fist as police stand in formation as a store burns, Monday, April 27, 2015, during unrest following the funeral of Freddie Gray in Baltimore
    19:28 03.05.2015

    Baltimore Mayor Lifts Curfew

    Freddie Gray's Death Triggers Mass Protests in Baltimore
  • Connecting the Pieces
    16:15 30.04.2015

    Will Americans Welcome the Coming Police State With Open Arms?

    Freddie Gray's Death Triggers Mass Protests in Baltimore
  • Screenshot from cell phone video that shows a protester smash a police car window during an anti-police brutality rally in Baltimore on April 25, 2015
    22:03 25.04.2015

    Protesters Smash Police Cars During Baltimore Rally, Some Arrested (Video)

    Freddie Gray's Death Triggers Mass Protests in Baltimore
  • The Baltimore Police Department has suspended six officers with pay as they investigate the death in police custody of Freddie Gray.
    02:22 21.04.2015

    Six Baltimore Police Officers Suspended After Freddie Gray Dies of Injuries

    Freddie Gray's Death Triggers Mass Protests in Baltimore
  • Police line at night
    23:00 12.04.2015

    Video Released in Fatal Shooting in Which Cop Thought He Was Grabbing Taser

  • City patrolman Michael Thomas Slager checks Scott's pulse in North Charleston, S.C
    20:51 11.04.2015

    Mourners Overfill Church for Funeral of Walter Scott in South Carolina

  • Police in riot gear use tear gas to clear the street in front of the Ferguson Police Department after the announcement of the grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, Monday, Nov. 24, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo.
    03:56 10.02.2015

    #BlackLivesMatter: Marking Six Months Since Michael Brown Death