• Hercules
    18:46 05.04.2018

    Herculean Task: US Airport Buys Border Collie to Protect Runways From Birds

  • Pope Francis leads the Easter mass in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican April 16, 2017
    16:45 02.04.2018

    Dove of Peace: Why Did Vatican Need Lasers on Easter?

  • Snake Gets Eaten by Kookaburra in Backyard Feed
    19:00 24.03.2018

    Midday Meal: Hungry Kookaburra Bird Eats Snake in Backyard

  • Birds
    16:48 22.03.2018

    'Environmental Disaster': Why Are Birds in France Becoming Extinct?

  • Emperor penguins near the Mirny Soviet Antarctic research station, 1989
    17:49 16.03.2018

    Winged Thieves: Birds Snip Researchers' Tech in Antarctica

  • Tens of thousands of starlings take over an entire road
    19:00 08.03.2018

    Hitchcock's Birds: Thousands of Starlings Occupy Entire Road

  • Bird Bonanza
    09:00 07.02.2018

    Driver From Texas Captures Bird Apocalypse

  • Fire in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia
    02:53 16.01.2018

    Study Shows Australian Birds Set Forests on Fire – Deliberately

  • Defending the Kremlin: Hawks, Falcons and Owls in Service
    19:39 09.12.2017Photo12

    Defending the Kremlin: Hawks, Falcons and Owls in Service

  • Bird
    14:46 25.11.2017

    A Bird's Story: How to Get Lost in the Pacific and Create Entirely New Species

  • Huge flock moves inland as Ophelia hits Ireland
    20:00 17.10.2017

    Hundreds of Unsettled Birds Flee the Coast as Ireland Gets Whipped Up by Ophelia

  • Feather
    16:25 25.09.2017

    Two Birds With One Stone: Swedish Researchers Turning Feathers Into Food

  • Rain fish in Honduras
    21:47 23.07.2017

    Birds, Fish and Grain: 10 Strange Things That Rained From the Sky

  • Emu Chicks Healthy Emu Birds Emu Birds
    11:00 16.07.2017

    The Secret Life of Emus and More Emus

  • Birds
    03:30 16.05.2017

    For the Birds: New Zealand to Wipe Out All Non-Native Pests on Island

  • Handcuffs
    03:40 04.05.2017

    Dead Dove Do Not Eat: Man Arrested for Smuggling Asian Birds to US in Suitcase

  • China's 'Birdman' Fights Poachers, Saves Lives
    13:05 06.04.2017

    China's 'Birdman' Fights Poachers, Saves Lives

  • Geese
    13:44 04.04.2017

    What's Good for the Gander: Polite Danes Let Geese Invade Copenhagen Airport

  • Cormorans rest on rocks (file)
    16:43 15.03.2017

    Flocks of Fowls Become a Major Hazard to Flight Safety Over Finnish City

  • French Air Force Training Eagles To Bring Down Drones
    13:14 17.02.2017

    Eagles on the Watch: French Air Force Trains Birds to Take Down Drones