• Bird Pulls The Guts Out of Snake!
    09:38 16.08.2018

    WATCH Little Bird Dreadfully Tearing Dying Snake Apart, Trying to Eat Its Guts

  • Harvey the Hurricane Hawk: Scared Hawk in Taxi Finds Man Who Will Help
    18:17 14.08.2018

    Fowl Play With Happy Ending: Hawk Flies Into Moving Car and Gets His Head Stuck

  • Just a baby peacock showing off it's stuff 😍😍 Newsflare
    19:00 12.07.2018

    Baby Peacock Shows Off Its Feathers

  • Sometimes a Dove Needs a Hug Too!
    02:07 25.06.2018

    Gone to the Birds: China Has Lifelike ‘Dove’ Surveillance Drones

  • Bird Taps Foot Along With Owner
    08:30 01.05.2018

    Dance With Me: Parrot Taps Foot Along With Owner

  • F/A-18 Hornet
    15:34 26.04.2018

    Bird Strike: WATCH F/A-18 Catches Fire During Demo Flight

  • Classic Seagull Rescue in New Zealand
    15:17 05.02.2018

    Angry Birds: Sea-Gull That Turned Out to Be a Hater

  • Stormtroopers walking down the stairs followed by Darth Vader
    13:46 18.01.2018

    Star Wars Penguin Edition: King Penguins Parade to the Imperial March

  • Эй, братан, братан. Проснись, брат. Что с тобой?
    20:00 09.01.2018

    'Wake Up, Bro!' Russian Man Rouses Sleeping Pigeon After NYD Excesses

  • Pacific Region shows Wisdom and her new chick at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and Battle of Midway National Memorial in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. (File)
    19:16 09.01.2018

    Mum at 67: The Oldest Wild Bird Hatching Again

  • Golden-crowned manakin
    17:29 26.12.2017

    'Exceedingly Rare' Discovery: Scientists Find First Known Hybrid Bird in Amazon

  • Cockatiel Ringtone
    14:52 20.12.2017

    Call Me Maybe? Sad Parrot 'Sings' Classic iPhone Ringtone Whenever Owners Leave

  • Winter road
    16:46 14.12.2017

    Surreal Sight of Hundreds of Dead Birds Stuns Swedish Countryside

  • The First 30 Days of a Parrot's Life
    20:18 08.12.2017

    From Hatching to Four Weeks: First Days of Budgie's Life

  • Tap Dance from a Cockatiel Named Totoro
    09:00 01.12.2017

    Gimme a Beat! Talented Parrot Dances to His Owner's Finger Taps

  • A wild turkey flies up to it's nightly roost (File)
    17:15 21.11.2017

    Motley Crue's Drummer, Other Animal Activists Call for Stopping Arkansas' Turkey-Throwing Tradition (VIDEOS)

  • The Most Free Parrot
    14:30 13.11.2017

    Born to Be Free: Italy's Most Famous Parrot Flies Along Her Owner's Car

  • Vendetta Magpie Swoops At Cyclist
    09:01 30.10.2017

    V for Vendetta: Magpie Attacks Cyclist 10 Times in 20 Seconds

  • Sometimes a Dove Needs a Hug Too!
    09:00 14.10.2017

    Doves Also Need Hugs

  • Seagull Thievery
    16:38 10.09.2017

    That Awkward Moment When You Get Robbed by a Seagull