• Seagull Eats Pie
    19:00 13.08.2019

    Big Appetite: Hungry Seagull Eats Entire Apple Pie in One Monstrous Gulp

  • Cat and Owl
    14:00 13.08.2019

    Best Friends Furrever: Caring Cat Helps Tiny Owl Take a Bath

  • Parrot
    16:20 13.07.2019

    Dozens of Dead Parrots Falling From Skies Shock Residents of Australia's Adelaide

  • White Doves
    10:44 29.05.2019

    Divine Intervention? Dove Saves German Driver From Speeding Ticket (PHOTO)

  • Golden Retriever and a duck
    15:00 28.04.2019

    Sexual Predator: Strange Duck Tries to Bite Golden Retriever's Private Parts

  • All Fight, No Flight: US Teen Taunts the Wrong Goose
    23:21 02.04.2019

    All Fight, No Flight: US Teen Taunts the Wrong Goose

  • An aircraft lands at Heathrow Airport near London, Britain, December 11, 2015
    21:53 03.02.2019

    Predatory Behavior: Gang Nips Hawk Protecting Skies at London's Busiest Airport - Reports

  • Parrot
    18:51 25.01.2019

    Flyaway Parrot Survives Five Years Outdoors in Norway, Becomes Celebrity (PHOTO)

  • Cockatoo throws a tantrum after being denied a donut
    14:00 16.01.2019

    Forbidden Snacks: Cute Cockatoo Unhappy That it Can’t Have a Donut

  • A bird flew on board business class of Singapore Airlines A380 #SQ322 to London
    14:00 15.01.2019

    Fasten Your Seatbelts: Bird Flies to UK From Singapore… In Plane

  • Topaz hummingbird
    16:44 02.12.2018

    Viral Photo of 'Smallest Bird on Earth' a Fake, Turns Out to Be Paper Cut-Out

  • Bird Fails to Catch Worm
    08:30 26.11.2018

    No Thanks, Gotta Run: Millipede Rejects Dinner Invite From Puzzled Blackbird

  • Cockatiel playing peekaboo
    08:30 21.10.2018

    Getting Ready for Halloween: Little Parrot Tries to Be Scary

  • Don’t leave me!!
    13:00 26.09.2018

    Baby Don't Leave Me! Tiny Bird Clings to Man's Finger

  • Bird Pulls The Guts Out of Snake!
    09:38 16.08.2018

    WATCH Little Bird Dreadfully Tearing Dying Snake Apart, Trying to Eat Its Guts

  • Harvey the Hurricane Hawk: Scared Hawk in Taxi Finds Man Who Will Help
    18:17 14.08.2018

    Fowl Play With Happy Ending: Hawk Flies Into Moving Car and Gets His Head Stuck

  • Just a baby peacock showing off it's stuff 😍😍 Newsflare
    19:00 12.07.2018

    Baby Peacock Shows Off Its Feathers

  • Sometimes a Dove Needs a Hug Too!
    02:07 25.06.2018

    Gone to the Birds: China Has Lifelike ‘Dove’ Surveillance Drones

  • Bird Taps Foot Along With Owner
    08:30 01.05.2018

    Dance With Me: Parrot Taps Foot Along With Owner

  • F/A-18 Hornet
    15:34 26.04.2018

    Bird Strike: WATCH F/A-18 Catches Fire During Demo Flight