• Himalayan brown bear
    16:17 23.03.2019

    Wild Bear Attacks Forest Guard in India During Rescue Operation (VIDEO 18+)

  • Growling bear
    11:58 21.03.2019

    VIDEO of Bear Walking on Its Hind Legs, Leaving Tourists SHOCKED Goes Viral

  • Bear cub
    23:53 28.02.2019

    US Woman Gets Jail Time, Fine for Rescuing Crying Bear Cub From Trap

  • Khabib Eagle Nurmagomedov
    21:13 09.02.2019

    Khabib's Coach Opens Up on Prospects of Fight With Mayweather

  • Bear
    18:30 18.01.2019

    'Bearly Damaged it!': Bear Takes a Dip in the Pool, Tries to Tear It

  • Growling bear
    18:30 10.01.2019

    Tree Treatment: Bears Love Rubbing Their Furry Backs Against Trunks

  • Growling bear
    14:00 15.12.2018

    Beware, It’s a Hungry Bear! Grizzly Chills on Blanket During Relaxing Picnic

  • 26 August, 2018. Russian President Vladimir Putin on a vacation in the Republic of Tuva
    09:07 08.12.2018

    'We'd Better Get Moving': Putin Reveals How He Met Bears in the Wild

  • Berry Delicious: Russian Brown Bear Spoon-Fed Preserves
    22:40 05.12.2018

    Berry Delicious: Russian Brown Bear Spoon-Fed Preserves

  • A Bear Hugs a Man
    13:35 25.11.2018

    Semyon the Bear Gives Man the Warmest Hug

  • Fallen Bear Cub Climbs Back to Mama
    13:30 05.11.2018

    Little Alpinist: Bear Cub Climbs up Steepest Hill to Meet Its Mom

  • Bear in Zoo
    13:00 19.10.2018

    Unbearable Pain: Bear in Zoo Suffers From Hangover

  • Brown bear
    19:12 01.10.2018

    Hunter or Hunted? Man Fights For His Life After Bear He Shot Falls on Top of Him

  • Bear in hammock. 2018
    14:00 02.09.2018

    Master of Swing: Bear Sneaks into Woman's Yard to Relax in Hammock

  • Black bear
    19:44 15.08.2018

    WATCH US Policeman Driving Bear Out of Car With Gunfire

  • Winnie the Pooh
    10:18 07.08.2018

    China Bans Winnie the Pooh Film Over President Xi Memes, US Media Claims

  • Finger on the trigger
    16:05 05.08.2018

    Canadian Girl Wounded by Ricochet Bullet in Outfitting Camp Bear Incident

  • Несколько медведей в окрестностях Кайеркана
    14:00 31.07.2018

    We Come in Peace: Three Bears Spotted in Russia's Norilsk

  • Bear Chases Dog in Alaska. 2018
    08:30 21.07.2018

    Let’s Play… Wait, I've Changed My Mind: Bear Chases Dog in Alaska

  • Bear
    14:00 17.07.2018

    Woman Shows Bear Who's Boss