• UFO sighting spotted in Russia
    22:00 04.12.2017

    Is That You, ET? Mysterious Triangular ‘UFO' Excites Conspiracy Theorists (VIDEO)

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    22:25 14.11.2017

    ‘Most Controversial UFO Photo on Record:’ UFO Sighting in California Desert (PHOTO)

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    15:55 01.09.2017

    Passenger Jet in UFO Scare at UK Airport, Official Report Confirms

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    Close Encounters: About 5 Percent of UFO Sightings Are Real

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    A Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle Inside an Enigma: Churchill Believed in Aliens

  • A strange object appeared on the ISS live feed for about 25 seconds.
    22:11 26.01.2017

    Paging Men in Black: NASA Cuts Live Feed After Object Appears on ISS Camera

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    Arizona UFO Sighting Theories Reignited After Mystery Lights Appear

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    Eyewitness: Houston UFO A Shapeshifter (VIDEO)

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    'Take Me to Your Home County': UFO May Have Been Spotted in Derbyshire, UK

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    21:44 24.09.2016

    Space X Rocket Explosion Likely Caused by Helium System, Not Mysterious UFO

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    02:28 18.09.2016

    UFO Hunters: NASA Footage Shows Alien Spaceship ‘Sucking’ Sun’s Energy (VIDEO)

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    21:28 11.09.2016

    Alien Enthusiasts Claim ‘Sinister' UFO Blasts Through Lightning, Tornado (VIDEO)

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    21:27 10.09.2016

    Elon Musk: 'We Have Not Ruled Out' That UFO Caused Space X Falcon 9 Explosion (VIDEO)

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    UFO Hunters Claim Video Shows Alien Lasers Shot Down Space X Rocket - Really?

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    Independence Day: Menacing Alien Ship Torments Malaysia – Is it Real? (VIDEO)