• Shiba Inu
    15:00 06.08.2019

    Stubborn Shiba Inu Refuses to Move

  • Dogs
    19:00 02.08.2019

    You Can't Escape the Fight: Shiba Inu and Labrador Puppies Play During Walk

  • Dogs
    14:00 01.08.2019

    Let's Fight! Shiba Inu and Mini Bull Terrier Play on the Ground

  • Dog
    14:10 30.07.2019

    Cute Shiba Inu Hides in Bag

  • Dog
    14:00 29.07.2019

    Lazy Dog: Shiba Inu Refuses to Go For a Walk

  • Dog
    14:00 26.07.2019

    To Drink or Not to Drink? Adorable Shiba Inu Attacks Water

  • Dog
    14:00 25.07.2019

    Canine Superhero: Hilarious Shiba Inu Puts Bag of Chips on Head

  • Dog  water
    14:21 21.07.2019

    Shiba Inu Cools Off by Drinking From a Garden Sprinkler

  • Dog
    19:00 17.07.2019

    I'm With Stupid: Cute Shiba Inu is Ashamed of Its Goofy Husky Friend

  • Dog
    13:00 16.07.2019

    Surprise Attack! Silly Cat Sneaks up on Unsuspecting Shiba Inu

  • Dog
    19:00 15.07.2019

    Hop to it: Shiba Inu Jumps Into Bushes

  • Shiba Inu
    14:00 08.07.2019

    Witchcraft! Hilarious Shiba Inu Tries to Overcome Cling Wrap Barrier

  • Shiba Inu eats Dandelion
    08:30 25.06.2019

    Not so Vegetarian: Hilarious Shiba Inu Doesn't Like Dandelion

  • Dog
    14:00 20.06.2019

    Always on Guard: Adorable Shiba Inu Sleeps With its Eyes Open

  • Shiba Inu and cat
    16:00 18.06.2019

    Forbidden Love: Cat Annoys Patient Shiba Inu With Kisses and Hugs

  • Dog
    15:00 17.06.2019

    I Just Want to Sleep! Shiba Inu Won't Part with His Nice, Warm Blanket

  • Shiba Inu and Pomeranian
    14:00 15.06.2019

    Calm Down, Brother! Shiba Inu Almost Eats Pomeranian Spitz During Fight

  • Farm Friends: Shiba Inu Can’t Get Enough of Its Bovine Buddies
    22:16 14.06.2019

    Farm Friends: Shiba Inu Can’t Get Enough of Its Bovine Buddies

  • Dogs
    14:00 14.06.2019

    Sibling Rivalry: Two Shiba Inu Puppies Fight for Attention

  • Dog
    14:00 13.06.2019

    I Said No More Kisses! Shiba Inu Puppy Tries to Avoid Affectionate Girl