• Man jeans
    17:42 09.11.2018

    Low Blow: Huge Toilet Python Bites Thai Man’s Penis (VIDEO)

  • Man jeans
    12:19 28.09.2018

    Briton With 'Bionic Manhood' Collapses at Home Days After Losing Virginity

  • Unfinished Chinese skyscraper resembling penis is mocked online
    17:23 26.09.2018

    Prank VIDEO Shows Penis-Looking Chinese Skyscraper Shoot Out Fireworks

  • Man Stung on His Willy by Stingray Lying on the Beach
    18:16 07.09.2018

    Genital Agony: Stingray Stings Man on Penis and Won’t Let Go (VIDEO)

  • Clean  sheet
    19:33 03.09.2018

    UK Man Who Lost His Penis Gets Payout From Hospital

  • Cessna aircraft
    19:53 01.08.2018

    NYPD Pilots Reportedly Show Their Boss Penis-Shaped Figure When Flying Spy Plane

  • Knife
    20:24 25.07.2018

    Thai Man Gets Penis Cut Off Over Alleged Sexual Harassment

  • Stockholm, Sweden
    22:05 29.06.2018

    'Curious About Skin Color': African Migrant in Sweden Fined After Exposing Penis to 6-Year-Old

  • Space
    10:00 28.06.2018

    If You Ever Wanted to See a Penis From Space - Google Lake in Geelong, Australia

  • Tiger Shark
    15:42 04.06.2018

    Extremely GRAPHIC VIDEO Shows Brazilian Teen After Shark Rips Off His Penis

  • Surgery
    22:23 23.04.2018

    US Medical Team Conducts First Total Penis and Scrotum Transplant (VIDEO)

  • Carolina Falkholt in front of PI, on the student house Jakten, Halmstad
    12:30 13.04.2018

    Unwelcome Erection: Swedes Doom Gigantic Blue Penis Mural

  • Kanamara Matsuri
    14:58 02.04.2018

    Thousands Celebrate 'Steel Penis' Festival in Japan (PHOTO, VIDEO)

  • Visitors watch the exhibition on October 27, 2016 at the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavik
    17:53 15.03.2018

    Lost Tourists in Perpetual Pursuit of Iceland's 'Penis Museum'

  • Apparently the tallest equestrian statue (40m) in the world celebrating the most famous of all the Mongols - Chinngis (Ghenghis) Khan
    13:59 27.02.2018

    "Penghis Khan": Mongolians Furious Over Japanese Prank Manga

  • Banana
    17:46 25.02.2018

    Two Smoking Barrels: The Story of a Man With Twin Penises

  • Israeli passport (File)
    17:29 14.02.2018

    Israeli Man Finds Penis Drawing and 'Long Live Palestine' Note in His Passport (PHOTO)

  • Man
    20:39 19.01.2018

    Bigger 'Natural' Penises, Boobs in New Age for Plastic Surgery Using Stem Cells

  • A pony
    20:04 17.01.2018

    Cancer-Stricken Pony to Get New Penis

  • Tape-measure
    14:29 06.01.2018

    Not That Big, Ha-Ha! Mexican's Claim to 'World's Longest Penis' Discredited by Doctor