• This photo provided by the Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, shows members of the Syrian Civil Defense group helping a wounded man after airstrikes hit Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, Syria, Thursday, March. 1, 2018
    02:00 05.05.2018

    Here's How White Helmets Used to Get Funding

  • Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and founder of Microsoft, participates in the Financial Inclusion Forum at the Treasury Department in Washington, DC, December 1, 2015.
    17:54 16.04.2018

    Regulator Can't Have Gates Foundation Employee as Board Member - Indian Group

  • Helpers sort food at the distribution site of the Essener Tafel food bank distributing food to people in need in Essen, western Germany, on February 23, 2018
    14:42 12.04.2018

    After ‘F*** Nazi’ Graffiti and Criticism,German Charity re-Opens for Foreigners

  • Soros Fund Management Chairman George Soros testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington (File)
    19:11 09.04.2018

    After Election Win, Hungary's Ruling Party Might Soon Get Rid of Soros for Good

  • George Soros
    19:36 08.04.2018

    Soros-Funded NGO 'Has Been Controversial in Israel for Long Time' - Ex-MP

  • Facebook
    19:00 23.02.2018

    'There's Real Danger That Such Apps Can Start Normalizing Social Media Use By Six and Five-Year-Olds' – Campaigner

  • Israeli security forces arrest a Palestinians during clashes in Bethlehem, West Bank, Friday, May 19, 2017
    17:35 08.08.2017

    Israeli Forces Detain Nearly 880 Palestinians in July - Palestinian NGOs

  • Migrants, most of them from Pakistan, protest against the EU- Turkey deal about migration inside the entrance of Moria camp in the Greek island of Lesbos on Tuesday, April 5, 2016
    16:38 08.08.2017

    EU's Refugee Crisis: Macron, Merkel 'Do Whatever They Can to Push the Migration Further'

  • Migrants on a dinghy are rescued by Save the Children NGO crew from the ship Vos Hestia in the Mediterranean sea off Libya coast, June 17, 2017
    00:07 26.07.2017

    Identitarian Movement Plans to Expose Alleged Human Traffickers-NGO Cooperation Off Libya

  • National flags of Russia and the US
    17:08 14.07.2017

    US NGO Moves to Revive 'Soviets, Meet Middle America' Program

  • Hungarian Parliament Building, Budapest, Hungary
    19:43 14.06.2017

    Germany Critical About Hungary's Law on Foreign-Supported Organizations

  • One of the Kremlin towers in Moscow.
    17:49 14.06.2017

    Russian Federation Council Adopts Creation of State Sovereignty Protection Board

  • Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey R. Pyatt at the Maidan Square in Kiev
    19:25 07.06.2017

    Senior Russian Official Warns of Growing External Meddling Ahead of 2018 Presidential Election

  • Georges Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management, speaks during the session 'Recharging Europe' in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos January 23, 2015. File photo.
    18:03 07.06.2017

    'Mafia Network': Why Hungary Becomes a Thorn in the Side of George Soros

  • View of the Moscow Kremlin, the Moskva River from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow
    17:58 07.06.2017

    US-Controlled NGOs Most Active in Meddling With Moscow Affairs

  • General election day in Russia
    13:57 07.06.2017

    Moscow Anticipates Growing Meddling of US Ahead of Elections in Russia

  • US First daughter Ivanka Trump attends a forum with Chief Executive Officers on the White House Campus April 4, 2017 in Washington, DC.
    12:54 31.05.2017

    Activists Investigating Ivanka Trump’s Factory Disappear in China

  • Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
    15:22 30.05.2017

    Accountability No More: Egypt Signs Controversial Law Restricting NGOs

  • The Moscow Kremlin towers. (File)
    09:13 17.05.2017

    Foreign NGOs Promote Rise of Extremism in Russia - Russian Security Council

  • Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban speaks during his state-of-the-nation address in Budapest, Hungary, February 10, 2017.
    19:12 15.05.2017

    European Parliament Set to Threaten Hungary With Sanctions Over Law Changes