• Tommy Robinson, left, the former leader of the far-right EDL English Defence League group walks past police officers as he leaves after an appearance at Westminster Magistrates Court in London, Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013.
    18:40 30.05.2018

    #FreeTommy: Jailing of EDL Founder Robinson Sparks Outrage Among Supporters

  • Leader of the Britain First far-right political party Paul Golding
    21:12 30.01.2018

    English Mother Blames Britain First Leaders for the Death of Her Child

  • Britain First and EDL (English Defence League) protesters walk along Northumberland Avenue during a demonstration in London, Saturday, April 1, 2017.
    20:50 18.12.2017

    Happy Holidays? Britain First Deputy Leader Suspended From Twitter

  • This undated photo provided by the US Army shows Richard Collins III.
    16:48 14.11.2017

    FBI Report Indicates Hate Crimes on Rise in US, But Data May Not Be 'Credible'

  • Members of the public including one wearing a full face veil are seen in Blackburn, England, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013.
    18:20 13.11.2017

    What a Turkey! Twitter Explodes Over Tesco Xmas Ad Featuring Muslim Family

  • By Any Means Necessary
    10:45 02.11.2017

    In NYC US Politicians Find Bi-Partisanship Around Islamophobia

  • Woman wearing a headscarf
    17:03 24.10.2017

    Blind Hate: UK Woman Posing as Muslim Faces Horrible Islamophobic Abuse on the Street

  • People demonstrate through the streets of central London to protest against racism amid debates about the place of migrants in Britain after the anticipated exit from the European Union (Brexit), Saturday March 18, 2017
    10:27 18.10.2017

    Tall, Dark and Hated: Men in the UK Face Verbal, Physical Abuse Just for 'Looking Muslim'

  • British muslims pray during Friday prayer at the East London mosque. (File)
    17:47 09.10.2017

    UK Rights Group Calls for Fight Against Islamophobia as Anti-Muslim Crimes Surge

  • Pig
    15:01 03.10.2017

    Post-Brexit Hate Crime Surge: Pig's Head Thrown Into Muslim Family Home

  • An Iraqi soldier inspects a recently-discovered train tunnel, adorned with an Islamic State group flag, that belonged to the former Baghdad to Mosul line, that was turned it to a training camp for IS fighters, in western Mosul, Iraq, Wednesday, March 1. 2017
    19:15 22.09.2017

    Push to Tackle Online Extremist Content 'Won't Stop Terrorist Bombs Going Off'

  • Social media
    19:38 21.08.2017

    UK Hate Crime Epidemic: New Gov't Guidelines 'Good,' But Cases Continue to Mount

  • A woman in Muslim dress stands at a bus stop near the scene of an attack where a van was driven at Muslim outside a mosque in Finsbury Park in North London, Britain, June 19, 2017.
    16:34 20.06.2017

    Is UK Mainstream Media the Architect Behind Inciting Hate Against Muslims?

  • Police patrol outside Finsbury Park station in north London after a vehicle hit pedestrians, on June 19, 2017.
    14:59 19.06.2017

    'Terror Act' or 'Incident'? UK MSM Hypocrisy Behind Labeling the Finsbury Attack

    Van Rams Into Pedestrians Near London Mosque
  • The BradCast
    11:43 19.06.2017

    Georgia's Unverifiable E-Vote System Passwords

  • Yacqub Khayre walks from a court appearance in Melbourne, Australia in this December 23, 2010 picture.
    14:27 07.06.2017

    Australians Outraged as It Emerges That Melbourne Siege Gunman Was on Parole

  • Members of the British Muslim Forum and religious leaders from Christian and Jewish faiths pay their respects at St Ann's square in Manchester, England Sunday May 28, 2017.
    15:44 30.05.2017

    'Beard Does Not Equal Terrorist': Manchester Attack Leads to Surge in Hate Crime

  • Children
    20:00 04.05.2017

    Amsterdam Stops Funding Religious Lessons for Poor Children

  • Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) speaks during a press conference about Islamophobia at the National Press Club May 24, 2016 in Washington, DC.
    02:05 03.05.2017

    ‘Muslim Goat Humper’: Minnesota Republicans Under Fire for Facebook Slander

  • In this April 21, 2017, file photo, President Donald Trump poses for a portrait in the Oval Office in Washington after an interview with The Associated Press.
    15:56 02.05.2017

    Senior Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka to Be Booted From the White House