• A combination photo shows Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump (L) and Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (R)
    21:54 14.08.2016

    Pundit Hints Trump is Hillary’s Secret Agent, “Intentionally Throwing Election”

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures during his annual end of year news conference in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015
    21:48 14.08.2016

    Hillary’s Top Surrogate Accuses ‘Trump and His Friend Putin’ of ‘Founding ISIS’

  • Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Eugene, Oregon, U.S. on May 6, 2016
    21:47 14.08.2016

    Trump Wants ‘Election Observers’ to 'Stop Crooked Hillary From Rigging Election'

  • Wikileaks Van
    21:41 13.08.2016

    Democrats: Sanction Russia Because Hillary and DNC Stole Election From Bernie

  • 2012 Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein speaking at Occupy Wall Street in 2011
    01:46 08.08.2016

    Hillary Ally Accuses Green Party’s Jill Stein of Being Trump-Like Russian Agent

  • John Kasich and Donald Trump
    21:58 07.08.2016

    Hillary Releases Creepy Propaganda Ad Insinuating Trump is a Russian Agent

  • Donald Trump has repeatedly talked tough on torture including waterboarding which simulates drowning.
    21:51 07.08.2016

    Trump Questions Hillary's Sanity: 'Honestly, I Don't Think She's all There'

  • John Kasich and Donald Trump
    21:51 07.08.2016

    Trump Endorsed by American Nazi Party Leader - Is The Republican Nominee Racist?

  • Wikileaks Truck
    22:00 06.08.2016

    WikiLeaks: Emails From Hillary’s Server Expose Criminal Clinton Foundation

  • A combination photo shows Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump (L) and Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (R)
    22:00 06.08.2016

    Trump Tied With Clinton in 'Cooked' Pro-Hillary Poll Despite Media Assault

  • Russian president Vladimir Putin has expressed his condolences to president Hollande and French people vie TV address after deadly truck attack in Nice.
    22:00 06.08.2016

    Julian Assange Blows Up Theory Putin, Russia Behind Democratic Email Leaks

  • Edward Snowden Speaks to the Council of Europe
    21:57 06.08.2016

    Edward Snowden Tweets Cryptic Code: Was it a Dead Man’s Switch?

  • John Kasich and Donald Trump
    01:15 01.08.2016

    Mainstream McCarthyism: Greenwald Blasts Media’s Anti-Russian Trump Attacks

  • DNC Bernie Sanders T-Shirt
    04:18 31.07.2016

    Democrats T-Shirt Likening Bernie Sanders to a Rat Sparks Claims of Nazism

  • Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton addresses the Democratic National Convention via a live video feed from New York during the second night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, July 26, 2016.
    22:00 30.07.2016

    Was That a DNC Convention or the Oscars? Hillary Hides Behind Hollywood

  • Bernie Sanders Has Nearly 1 Million Grassroots Campaign Contributions
    22:00 30.07.2016

    The Problem With Blaming Putin for DNC Hack That Exposed Bernie Was Cheated

  • Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during a campaign stop on Sunday, March 13, 2016, at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio
    22:44 23.07.2016

    Was Democratic Vice Chair Removed for Refusing to Conspire Against Bernie?

  • Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine at VP Announcement Event in Miami, Florida
    21:43 23.07.2016

    Anti-Bernie: Hillary Taps Wall Street Crony, Pro-TPP, Former DNC Head as VP

  • President Vladimir Putin attends Russian Popular Front's media forum, Truth and Justice
    21:25 23.07.2016

    They’re With Her: US Media Uses Putin, Russia to Label Trump a Traitor

  • Ku Klux Klan Meeting in Boca Raton, Florida
    01:55 23.07.2016

    Former KKK Leader Hijacks Trump Platform, Republican Party in US Senate Bid (Video)