• Air pollution
    05:58 21.12.2017

    EPA Chief Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Boosting Fuel Profits Ignoring Health Issue

  • composite image: coal fired power plant/wind farm
    22:46 10.12.2017

    Global Economists: End All Investment in Fossil Fuels

  • Power plant
    07:54 28.11.2017

    Coal Is So Last Season: Swedish Power Plant Is Running on H&M Clothes

  • A wind turbine, part of the Lost Creek Wind Farm, stands above a field of daises Thursday, June 1, 2017, near King City, Mo. President Trump announced on Thursday that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate accord, raising some doubt on the future of renewable sources of energy like wind and solar.
    22:04 18.11.2017

    ‘Others Will Follow’: World's Largest Investment Fund to Exit Oil Stocks

  • Protesters interrupt a U.S. government pro-coal event during the COP23 UN Climate Change Conference 2017, hosted by Fiji but held in Bonn, Germany, November 13, 2017
    11:07 14.11.2017

    Singing Protesters Interrupt US Delegation at Climate Summit Event in Bonn (PHOTO, VIDEO)

  • An elevated view of shoppers walking underneath Oxford Street Christmas lights, London
    04:49 16.10.2017

    Oxford to Enforce Fossil Fuel-Powered Engine Ban by 2035

  • The BradCast
    10:14 21.09.2017

    Why Would Any Nation Make a Deal With Trump?

  • An Indian security personnel poses for media as he walks over rooftops covered in solar panels at the Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant, some 45kms from Amritsar. (File)
    22:40 17.09.2017

    Here Comes the Sun: Speedy Growth of Solar Power Signals Global Economic Shift

  • Coal unloaded at Odessa port. File photo
    17:10 13.09.2017

    Ukraine Receives First Batch of US Coal After Banning Supplies From Donbass

  • A man wearing a respiratory protection mask walks toward an office building during the smog after a red alert was issued for heavy air pollution in Beijing's central business district, China, December 21, 2016
    03:24 10.09.2017

    This is a Big Deal: China to Ban Gas-Powered Cars, Push Electric Vehicles

  • An areal view of the Austrian petrol refinery plant OMV near Vienna
    04:37 14.07.2017

    EC Group Urges EU to Stop Public Financing of Fossil Fuels Industries

  • From L-R, European Council President Donald Tusk, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.S. President Donald Trump, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, French President Emmanuel Macron, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker pose for a family photo during the G7 Summit in Taormina, Sicily, Italy, May 26, 2017.
    21:12 30.05.2017

    G7 Summit Losing Relevance After Sidelining Russia, China

  • Oil production.
    15:13 23.05.2017

    Russia, OPEC Work Jointly to Regulate Fossil Fuel Price Trends - Kremlin

  • Piles of coal
    03:31 30.04.2017

    Climate, Changed: EPA Website Altered to Reflect Business Interests

  • Demonstrators sit on the ground along Pennsylvania Ave. in front of the White House in Washington, Saturday, April 29, 2017, during a demonstration and march.
    22:04 29.04.2017

    Hundreds of Thousands March Against Climate Change, Trump's Environmental Policies

  • setting sun is reflected on the surface of the Salton Sea in the Southern California desert
    03:23 18.04.2017

    Global Warming: March Heat Burns Record as Scientists Warn Time Running Out

  • Dinosaurs
    15:16 05.04.2017

    Triassic Park: Earth Heading for Temperatures Unseen for 420 Million Years

  • This photo taken Friday, Feb. 5, 2016, shows an election poster picturing Prime Minister Enda Kenny adorning a lamp post outside the headquarters of his Fine Gael party in Dublin, Ireland
    03:48 28.01.2017

    Irish Parliament Votes to Divest From Fossil Fuel Industry

  • Level Talk with John Harrison
    16:00 12.01.2017

    Has Renewable Energy Reached the 'Tipping Point?'

  • Gas station
    16:22 10.01.2017

    Extreme 'Fuelishness': Falling Petrol Taxes Drive Greenhouse Emissions