• F-35B
    22:18 16.11.2017

    Squadron of Stealthy US Marine F-35Bs Ready for Action in Japan

  • USS Wasp
    00:28 09.09.2017

    Pyongyang, Meet the F-35: US Assault Ship Loaded with Joint Strike Fighters Sails for North Korea

  • The US military has begun testing the ski jump take-offs for the F-35 fighter jet variant that is nearing initial operating capability for use by the US Marines.
    02:59 20.07.2017

    UK’s ‘Terrible’ F-35Bs Are Even More Expensive Than Their Sticker Price

  • Lockeed Martin F-35
    22:58 18.07.2017

    WATCH: UK Testing Phase 2 of F-35B Ski Ramp Takeoff at US Naval Base

  • F-35B fighter jet
    03:19 18.04.2017

    US Marines F-35B Hits Milestones as Expeditionary Workup Continues

  • F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Lightning II
    03:22 31.03.2017

    US Marines Offer Retention Bonuses in Push to Keep F-35, V22 Pilots Flying

  • F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter
    22:39 16.03.2017

    Taiwan Seeks Warplane Like F-35B as China Boosts Defense Budget

  • F-35
    22:11 09.02.2017

    US Marine Corps Eager to Accelerate Growth of F-35 Fleet

  • Japan's First Military Communications Satellite
    01:56 25.01.2017

    First Ever: ‘Pacifist’ Japan Launches Military Communications Satellite

  • A new set of software problems may mean yet another series of delays for the F-35 fighter, already the most expensive and troublesome military equipment project in US history.
    22:06 21.12.2016

    Simple Loose Bracket Caused Troubled F-35 to Go Up in Flames

  • F-35B fighter jet
    23:15 10.11.2016

    US Marines Perform Week-Long At-Sea Maintenance Test on Troubled F-35B

  • A Marine Corp F-35B Joint Strike Fighter at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland
    01:38 03.11.2016

    WATCH: US Marine Corps Conducts Final Testing on F-35B Aboard USS America

  • A Marine Corp F-35B Joint Strike Fighter at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland
    00:24 02.09.2016

    No Money, No Timetable, But US Marines Want F-35B With Lasers

  • F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter
    21:51 31.08.2016

    Trial by Fire? Marines to Use F-35’s First Action to See What Still Needs Fixing

  • The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan
    22:01 23.08.2016

    Amid Tensions With China, Japan’s Defense Chief Visits US Aircraft Carrier

  • F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter
    23:08 12.07.2016

    Troubled Waters: F-35 to Undergo Tests Aboard New Amphibious Ship