• (FILES) A file picture taken on September 3, 2014 shows people washing their hands with soap and bleach to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus
    12:43 15.01.2016

    Single Dose of Russian Ebola Vaccination to Cost $160

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • Russia will present its vaccine against Ebola on January 25. Its further tests will be conducted under the auspices of the UN and WHO
    12:14 15.01.2016

    Russian Ebola Vaccine Tests in Africa to Proceed Under UN, WHO Observation

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • Checking Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the fight against Ebola
    16:48 14.01.2016

    EU Decides to Create Medical Service to Counter Health Emergencies

  • Ebola in Sierra Leone: How Britain Assists Fighting the Virus
    14:13 14.01.2016

    EU Pledges Support to West Africa After End of Ebola Outbreak

  • A Liberian woman holds up a pamphlet with guidance on how to prevent the Ebola virus from spreading, in the city of Monrovia, Liberia.
    13:01 14.01.2016

    WHO Declares Liberia Free of Ebola, Ending West African Outbreak

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • File Photo: Russian doctor Valentine Safronov stands inside a mobile medical lab donated by the Russian government to assist with the Ebola out-brake in Conakry, Guinea, Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014.
    12:38 14.01.2016

    Russia May Start Supplying Ebola Vaccine to Guinea in Spring 2016 – Health Ministry

  • Test tubes
    17:37 13.01.2016

    Putin: Russia Registers World's Most Effective Ebola Vaccine

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • A member of the French Red Cross disinfects the area around a motionless person suspected of carrying the Ebola virus as a crowd gathers in Forecariah, Guinea
    13:33 29.12.2015

    Finally! Guinea is Free of Ebola Virus Transmission

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • Syringe
    14:59 23.12.2015

    Russia Successfully Testing Ebola Vaccine on People

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • Actors parade on a street after performing at Anono school, during an awareness campaign against Ebola in Abidjan September 25, 2014
    20:09 11.11.2015

    Germany Spends $41Mln to Cure Zero Ebola Victims in West Africa

  • Russian vaccine against the Ebola virus has shown highly promising results.
    16:40 02.10.2015

    Testing of Russian Ebola Vaccine on Volunteers Shows 'Very Good' Results

  • In this photo taken on Monday, March 2, 2015, a health care worker prepares a colleague's virus protective gear before entering a high risk zone at an Ebola virus clinic operated by the International Medical Corps in Makeni, Sierra Leone
    01:29 01.09.2015

    Health Workers Rush to Vaccinate Sierra Leoneans After New Ebola Case

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • The world is on the verge of creating an effective Ebola vaccine, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Xinhua reported.
    20:43 01.08.2015

    Finally! Ebola Vaccine That Actually Works to Appear Soon

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • Test tubes
    16:45 31.07.2015

    Almost There: Trials for Canadian Ebola Vaccine Prove Nearly 100% Effective

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • Ebola case response training
    09:29 21.07.2015

    NYC Health Officials Suspect Ebola After Traveler Hospitalized With Fever

  • Test tubes
    13:29 07.07.2015

    Russia's Ebola Vaccine Research to be Released in August

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • Malaria treatment suffered during Guinea's Ebola outbreak, research said
    12:41 24.06.2015

    Malaria Treatment Suffered During Guinea's Ebola Outbreak – Research

  • US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft on Monday declined to comment on comparison made by Obama between Russia and the Ebola virus disease.
    23:18 15.06.2015

    US Ambassador to Russia Declines to Compare Russia and Ebola

  • Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    00:42 29.05.2015

    Bill Gates Fears Likely Global Epidemic Worse than Ebola and We're Not Prepared

  • UNICEF members are holding posters detailing Ebola virus symptoms, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
    09:03 21.05.2015

    Russia to Donate $2Mln for UNICEF to Fight Ebola in West Africa

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa