• Asteroid mining may not be the stuff of sci-fi flicks for long, as one company prepares to launch it's first exploratory satellite from the International Space Station in July.
    02:24 07.05.2015

    Galactic Gold Rush: Asteroid Mining to Start This Summer

  • Some exploding asteroids discovered by NASA
    23:40 16.04.2015

    After 2012 Close Call, Giant Asteroid on Collision Course With Earth Once Again

  • The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.
    02:01 10.04.2015

    Giant Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs May Have Made Solid Earth Splash Like Water

  • This is an artist's impression of a rocky and water-rich asteroid
    18:08 26.03.2015

    NASA Wants to Capture Boulder From Asteroid, Move It to Moon’s Orbit