• DNA strand
    17:37 27.09.2015

    It's Alive! Scientists 3D Print Objects From Human Cells

  • In this Monday, Sept. 7, 2015 photo, a 3D printed stethoscope, left, is seen next to a traditional medical stethoscope in Gaza City.
    00:27 12.09.2015

    3-D Printed Medical Supplies to Save Lives in War Zones at Nearly No Cost

  • This product image provided by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals shows Spritam 750 mg, foreground, and 1000 mg tablets.
    01:41 05.08.2015

    First 3D-Printed Pills Approved in US

  • An Israeli army Heron unmanned drone aircraft
    15:06 31.07.2015

    Israel Air Force to Use 3D Print Drones

  • Doctors operate the Da Vinci Surgical System at the Medical Center of the Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island in Vladivostok.
    16:57 04.07.2015

    Seahorse Tail Inspires Scientists to Create Next Generation Robots

  • 3D printer
    07:14 25.06.2015

    3D Printing Set to Transform US Manufacturing, Aerospace Industries

  • Snowy owl on the hun
    17:14 23.06.2015

    Researchers Find New Owl-Based Material Reduces Wind Farm Noise

  • 3D printer
    04:00 16.06.2015

    Students Hope 3D-Printed Rocket Engine Will Break Records

  • The SpiderFab
    05:53 07.04.2015

    Home Away From Home: NASA Spider-Droids to Build in Space

  • X-Ray scull
    20:44 03.04.2015

    As Good as New: ‘Bio-Cement’ Will Regenerate Bones!

  • 3D-Printed Car
    17:12 25.03.2015

    China Unveils Country's First 3D-Printed Car (VIDEO)

  • The CLIP technique creating a ball from the liquid resin.
    00:08 18.03.2015

    Straight Out of Terminator? 3D Printing Tech Pulls Objects From Liquid Resin

  • Lufthansa Boeing 747-400
    00:59 12.03.2015

    Boeing 3D Prints 20 Thousand Aircraft Parts, and Patents Its Method

  • The world's first 3D-printed jet engine can be seen on display at the Avalon International Air Show southwest of Melbourne February 26, 2015
    13:51 26.02.2015

    Australia Creates World's First 3D-Printed Engines

  • 3D printed plastic casts and splints
    14:51 07.02.2015

    Russian Startup Wants to Fix Your Broken Bones Faster With 3D Printed Casts