• Black hole
    15:13 14.08.2019

    Lurking Cloaked Black Hole Found Shrouded by Gas Cloud in Early Universe

  • Hubble Space Telescope
    00:35 08.05.2019

    WATCH: NASA Releases ‘Hubble Legacy Field’ Photo of 265,000 Galaxies

  • NASA's Kepler space telescope, shown in this artist's concept, revealed that there are more planets than stars in the Milky Way galaxy
    22:21 28.04.2019

    New Data Reveals Known Universe is Younger and Expanding Faster

  • Andromeda's pulsing neutron star
    17:07 21.04.2019

    LISTEN to Incredible Audio Revealing What Distant Neutron Stars Sound Like

  • artist impression of the surroundings of a supermassive black hole
    22:03 07.04.2019

    At the Event Horizon: Astrophysicists Set to Reveal First Photos of Black Holes

  • This NASA handout image received 15 May 2007 shows dark matter ring in a galaxy center
    16:43 05.04.2019

    Stephen Hawking's Theory on Primordial Nature of Dark Matter Proved Wrong

  • Tycho Brahe star shines in gamma rays
    20:01 04.04.2019

    Scientists Discover Origin of Mysterious Gamma Ray Bursts

  • The central smudge in the center of the image is NGC 1052-DF2, the first galaxy discovered by astronomers containing little to no dark matter
    01:25 01.04.2019

    Brightside: Astronomers Confirm the Existence of Galaxies With No Dark Matter

  • Artist depiction close-up of quantum physics-based consciousness (Creative Commons - Azmat Ullah)
    23:22 10.03.2019

    Sentient Universe: Does the Thinking Mind Being Thought About?

  • Dyson sphere
    14:17 27.02.2019

    Star With 'Alien Megastructure' Scanned for Signs of Life, HERE is What Was Found

  • Bedin 1 galaxy image from Hubble.
    20:45 02.02.2019

    Galaxy as 'Old as the Universe' Spotted by Hubble Telescope

  • Black Hole
    19:38 11.01.2019

    Astronomers Divided on Whether 2018 Bright Blast Was Black Hole's Birth or 'Tidal Disruption Event'

  • When (Neutron) Stars Collide
    19:34 17.10.2018

    Galactic Gems: Powerful Neutron Star Blasts Color Universe Silver, Gold and Platinum

  • Artist's illustration showing the life of a massive star as nuclear fusion converts lighter elements into heavier ones. When fusion no longer generates enough pressure to counteract gravity, the star rapidly collapses to form a black hole.
    21:28 13.08.2018

    Astrophysicists Discover Time May Actually Flow 'Backwards' During Gamma-Ray Bursts

  • International Space Station (ISS)
    21:57 12.07.2018

    Scientists Can Now Recycle Water, Air, Fuel, Making Deep Space Travel Possible

  • artist rendering provided by NASA shows a star being swallowed by a black hole
    00:18 21.05.2018

    Astronomers Discover Monster Black Hole the Size of 20 Billion Suns

  • Stephen Hawking
    07:53 03.05.2018

    Universe Is Finite? Stephen Hawking's Final Theory Published

  • British physicist Stephen Hawking looks, on his screen, at an animated clipping of himself with cartoon characters from popular television serial 'The Simpsons', while addressing a public lecture on 'Science in the future', in Bombay Sunday, Jan. 14, 2001
    15:20 14.03.2018

    To Infinity & Beyond, the Life & Legacy of Stephen Hawking

  • The Crab Nebula, a supernova remnant photographed by an international effort of telescopes and agencies.
    03:45 05.03.2018

    Gotcha! Amateur Astronomer Captures Exact Moment Of Supernova Explosion

  • Galaxy
    04:45 04.02.2018

    Move Over Hawking: New Observations Challenge Current Cosmological Model