• People in Yellow Vests Gather Outside Westminster Magistrate's Court
    22:19 25.05.2019

    RT France Correspondent Beaten By Police During Yellow Vest Protests (VIDEO)

  • Yellow Vests protest in Paris 20 April 2019
    13:37 25.05.2019

    Police Use Tear Gas as Clashes Erupt During Yellow Vests March in Paris (VIDEO)

  • The north rose window of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, an example of Rayonnant architecture, and the row of figures in stained glass below.
    20:22 22.05.2019

    Angel From Notre Dame's Rose Window Miraculously Found During Restoration After Horrific Blaze

  • A Rafale fighter jet performs during the Aero India air show at Yelahanka air base in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru February 18, 2015
    15:41 22.05.2019

    Break-in Attempt at Indian Air Force's Rafale Fighter Jet Facility in Paris

  • A climber is pictured between two iron columns of the Eiffel Tower Monday, May 20, 2019 in Paris
    15:11 21.05.2019

    Man Who Climbed Eiffel Tower Turns Out to Be 'Suicide-Seeking Russian' - Reports

  • Rescue workers vehicles park just down the Eiffel Tower Monday, May 20, 2019 in Paris
    22:59 20.05.2019

    Police Nab Climber Earlier Spotted Scaling Eiffel Tower - Report

  • Rescue workers vehicles park just down the Eiffel Tower Monday, May 20, 2019 in Paris
    16:56 20.05.2019

    Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Man Climbs It, Threatens to Commit Suicide (PHOTO)

  • The mask and two self-made hidden blades taken away from the man who was arrested in Paris on Saturday 18 May
    03:02 20.05.2019

    Assassin’s Creed IRL: Paris Police Arrest Man Walking Around with Hidden Blades

  • Yellow Vests protest in Paris. 11 May
    14:00 18.05.2019

    Protesters Take to Streets of Paris on 27th Week of Yellow Vests Rallies (VIDEO)

  • Extinction Rebellion activists protest in Paris, using fake blood
    08:37 13.05.2019

    WATCH Extinction Rebellion Activists Pour 300 Litres of "BLOOD" on Steps of Paris Palace

  • Yellow Vests protests
    14:09 11.05.2019

    LIVE UPDATES: 26th Week of Yellow Vests Protests in Paris (VIDEO)

  • A banner is photographed, during a World March Against Monsanto, in Paris, France, in Paris, Saturday, May 23 2015
    09:14 11.05.2019

    France Probes Monsanto Over Collection of Personal Data for Lobbying Weedkiller’s Interests - Reports

  • Fire engulfs the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.
    19:27 09.05.2019

    LEAD Pollution in Soil Near Notre Dame Overtops Norm TENFOLD - Reports

  • The former CEO of France Telecom, Didier Lombard, arrives at his trial in Paris
    14:06 07.05.2019

    Call For Help: Was France Telecom and its CEO to Blame for 35 Suicides?

  • French police
    16:59 06.05.2019

    French Police Officers Forced Out of Station by Biblical-Style Flea INVASION

  • Firefighters extinguish garbage containers set ablaze during the unrest following a protest against police brutality in the Paris suburb of Bobigny. file photo
    22:15 05.05.2019

    Paris Firefighters Accused of Gang Rape at Station After Booze Party

  • 1er-Mai à Paris, 2019
    14:46 04.05.2019

    Walking a Mile in Correspondent's Shoes: WATCH 360 Footage From May Day Yellow Vests Protest in Paris

  • French police
    14:15 02.05.2019

    Police Detain 30 People Who Broke Into Paris Hospital on May Day - Reports

  • Cop Collapses During 1 May Rally
    21:16 01.05.2019

    WATCH Injured Police Officer Collapse as Labour Day Protest Rages in Paris

  • French police
    16:20 01.05.2019

    WATCH Protesters in Paris Throw Stones at Van, Damage Windscreen Amid Labour Day Rally